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    Bleeding chicken predator?

    Do you have vetricyn? It sprays right into the wound. Keep her warm and start her on antibiotics ASAP. Chickens cant clear pus, so you don’t want it to form. If you don’t have Vetricyn warm soapy water then dry her with a hair dryer. Poor girl. Good luck.
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    Smoke and Chickens. Should I move my hens inside?

    How about using Vetrx to boost their respiratory system? I live in Colorado and when the air gets bad (fires or a change in wind from the west coast) I put the Rx in the water for a few days. I also read to place shallow pans of water about to help improve the coop air quality. I think you have...
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    What’s wrong w/nest boxes?

    I say for ease of cleaning, put lead- free Astro turf squares in the bottom (you can take them out and hose them off) and a curtain on each box, you can always add wood shavings if you want to make it cosy. Lift the curtains half way up for a bit until they get used to them or have them pushed...
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    Breed and Sex?

    I second the seabright answer, but I’m thinking your blue could be a red laced Blue Wyandotte.....
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    Chickens have been sick weight loss

    Thanks so much Karen. I will definitely check that out.I think I have seen it in our feed store. Will it put the weight back on them also? I don't want them to pick up something else because they are so underweight....
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    Chickens have been sick weight loss

    I am in the process of healing chickens that got really skinny from parasites when I was away on vacation (a non chcicken person took care of them and didn't notice their weight loss) They have since been wormed and are doing better but I'm having trouble putting weight back on them. I upped...
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    Ok help me!

    Even the Marans? It's my favorite snuggler So does anyone in Colorado want some Ameracuana roosters , beautiful, would make great chicks
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    Ok help me!

    I have 2 splash / wheaten ameracuana and 1 copper marans . They are approx 9 weeks old an I'm stumped on the sex. I think the light ameracuana is a boy....really aggressive and a slight point to the feathers coming in down his head. Can you tell me about the other two?
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