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red horse ranch

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    1. HannahDuckLover
      Do you really have a ranch named "Red Horse Ranch"? I just saw your username and my eyes bugged out, because the "bad guy" in the novel I'm writing runs a ranch named exactly that. Maybe I should have used Green Horse Ranch. :-)
      1. red horse ranch
        red horse ranch
        Yes we really have Red Horse Ranch. My husband named it that because of his red quarterhorse. We aren't bad guys since we retired. Ha! Mostly raise poultry now that most of the horses have died from old age.
        I look forward to reading you book. Let me know when it's published!
        Mar 26, 2018
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      2. HannahDuckLover
        It'll be a while. I've finished the first draft, but it needs a lot of revision. Even after it's accepted by a literary agent, the publication process will likely take over a year. It's a thriller about a cowgirl who frames herself for the sabotage of the ranch she works on.

        Sounds like you have a nice ranch!
        Mar 27, 2018
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