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    Setting eggs 4/25!! Anyones Else? Hatch date May 16th

    I'll follow along! I plan to set eggs this weekend so they'll hatch on a weekend. We're due to hatch 5/19! Good luck, all! [K]
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    Anyone else's chicks hatching in May??

    Hi! Can I join?! I just received a box of 7 Polish and Polish/Cochin eggs. I plan to put them under my broody this weekend so they'll hatch over a weekend (5/19). Hoping to get one blue hen to replace the blue hen one of the dogs attacked in January. [K]
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    Henrietta is a Mom!!!

    Ahhhh....... congrats!!!!!!! Look forward to seeing pics! Kim
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    Today my chicken is 30 weeks old...

    My Buff Orpington FINALLY started laying for me THIS WEEK! ...and the ripe "young" age of 30 weeks. I think it's because it's winter... and her sister, a Buff Brahma, also 30 weeks, hasn't started. So, I think it can happen. Kim
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    Silkies - Tired of Guessing!

    My guess is you have two pullets. By 12 weeks, my black silkie roo was already sporting a funky hair-do. These ladies look like they have nice, round tops! Kim
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    what breed is best?

    I like seeing a "rainbow" of chickens in my yard, so I vote for - red (productions), buff (orpington), black (australorp), barred (rock) and.... the wyandottes! Kim P.S. My buff orpington is my favorite.
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    Sicilian Buttercup Gasping for Air?! Sounds distressed... please help!

    Hello friends, I came home from work early this afternoon to spend some time with my flock. (And hoping for first eggs since the oldest are 18 weeks old this week.) All afternoon, the sicilian buttercup has been gasping for air, kind of like she's going to bawk, but little sound comes out...
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    hi i am a chicken addict i think

    Hi neighbor! I picked up 8 day-old chicks in June, too. Now I'm up to EIGHTEEN!!!!! Waiting for eggs... any day now... Welcome! - Kim
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    5 week old black copper marans and idea of gender??

    I have three 4-week old marans... (black copper, blue copper and splash). They look a LOT like yours, and I'm keeping fingers crossed they're all pullets, so I'm wondering if you could report back and let me know if your four ended up being pullets?!
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    Do Marans grow at a faster rate?!

    Brooder A has a Cuckoo Marans. The 5-week old chick towers her Black Australorp sister, hatched the same day/week. Brooder B has three 3-week old French Marans. ALL of them are already bigger than the 4-week old welsummer, blue andalusian, barred rock and turken. Normal? Just curious...
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    Southern CA Swap meet-up / Funday 9/24/11

    If I show up between 1 and 2, is that too late?!
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    What breed and sex are we?

    Quote: All of my Easter Eggers looked like little chipmunks when they were babies! If they have green or slate colored legs now, my guess would be they are EEs.
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    New Chicks...vs Road Trip??

    I thought I screwed up with my first batch of chicks when I didn't offer them hand-fed treats (and win them over) until they were about 4 weeks old. They still love me.
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    Southern CA Swap meet-up / Funday 9/24/11

    Woooo!!!!!! Please don't let me take home any chickens... please? Aww, who am I kidding? I'll come with an empty cardboard box... just in case. - Kim
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