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    Turkey Stomping

    My 3 month old BBW, took after my dog tonight. Fluffed up, tail spread and stomping at him. I thought for sure the turkey was a hen. Do hens stomp when threatened?
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    Turkey VIrgin

    I am a newbie to raising turkeys, I have (2) one month old BB Whites. I put them out in their coop this week(still leaving heat light on at night). I think one might be a Tom, it is def bigger and getting really big red bumps under his neck, the other not so much. My question is, we have been...
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    Chicken Picking

    I just got rid of my rooster. Now all the suddened hens have bald spots. Haven't caught who's doing it. Does this have anything to do with getting rid of the rooster?
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    One Huge Egg

    Here's a pic to contrast the egg production today in my coop. The big one, 3.5 oz egg layed by a RIR, the little one 1.5oz from a SLW(I think)pullet.
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    Best Layers

    Thanks for the info, it's good to hear from someone so experienced, newbees appreciate it. I love my RIR's, even though they are hatchery production reds, they are awesome layers, and great pets, in your pocket chickens. Also love my Golden Comets, lay everyday, big round eggs and are the first...
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    Why do you wait 3 - 5 days after you kill a turkey before you cook them?

    I have a question. I am planning on doing a couple of turkeys next spring. One for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas. After you process and rest them for a few days, how do you wrap them for freezing? I am used to the store turkeys being shrink wrapped. I don't have a shrink wrapper, lol.
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    Shed to coop conversion and other projects

    Great looking coop. We also did two shed conversions, both are working out well. The chicks love them. :)
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    First Egg Countdown

    My big Jersey Giant, Beulah laid her 1st egg today. Poor thing she squawked and fretted all morning long, finally got in the nest, settled down and laid a beautiful egg, way to go Beulah.
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    My roosters are sleeping together

    Thanks for the reply. They are afraid of the hens who are about 21 weeks old and some have started to lay.
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    My roosters are sleeping together

    I have 2 roosters, one a black australorp and one a SLW, both are about 16 weeks old, raised together. They sleep together in the same nesting box. BA started crowing several wks ago but has now stopped. Is this norma? Have to say they look kinda cute squished into the that nexting box, lol.
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    Welsummer chicks various ages what sex?

    I read on Pap's Poultry site that if they have the extended eye liner they are girls, hope that helps.
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    My chickens have picked my garden clean of tomatoes. They'd all be dead by now if was going to hurt them, lol. They love them, ripe ones only though. The romaine lettuce I grew for them, they won't touch, lol.
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    First Egg Countdown

    WooHoo, 2 eggs today, crankin em out now. Got the cost down now to $900.00/egg, lol.
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    First Egg Countdown

    Absolutely Beautiful
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