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    Abnormal behavior

    I have a very lovely black hen who is about 9 months old. I hatched her in an incubator along with others. She was an active and normal chick. I integrated her and her fellow hatchlings into my existing flock with no problems. I noticed though that she didn't scratch like the others, she...
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    Comment by 'rwilliams296' in article 'How To Incubate & Hatch Chicken Eggs - Just 21 Days From Egg To Chicken!'

    Day 19 of my 2nd attempt of incubating chicks. First time was Feb 2019 and went Ok. 4 hatched out of 7, a day or 2 earlier than I expected, 1 roo and 3 hens. Yeah! This new clutch contains 11 eggs. Somewhat similar with the last hatch 5 have pipped a little early with one doing some...
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    Comment by 'rwilliams296' in article 'What Happens When Chickens Molt?'

    A few of my hens and my one and only Royal Palm turkey have been molting for the past month. Especially the turkey but you can't tell except for all of the white feathers laying on the ground. First week of September and we are still dealing with 100 degree temps! One of my older hens has...
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    First-time broody, first-time broody owner

    My Dominique hen ended up only hatching 2 of her 7 eggs. She started with 9 but I eventually culled her down to 6 ( cracked, light in weight, etc ) and then she abandoned the rest after 2 hatched. She did the same with her last hatch in July of last year. I'm sure she got too darned hot! She...
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    Young turkey not thriving

    Thanks for your response. I couldn't find Safe Guard at my local feed store or closest Tractor Supply so I ordered from Amazon. It is on the way. Unfortunately, the poult passed away Thursday evening. I am heartbroken...but I still have the one healthy tom and I will be watching him closely...
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    Young turkey not thriving

    Thank you for this information. Is this administered orally or by injection?
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    Young turkey not thriving

    Wow.. I would like to use the Safeguard if possible. I have 5 goats as well. They hardly ever mix with the turkeys or chickens tho. Expecting kids soon. Thanks so much!
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    Young turkey not thriving

    Pets only. I do not have a food scale. I can sure invest in one. The last time I picked the poult up by hand it vomited water. Probably stress. I do live in TX and the temps have been in the 90's so I'm sure that isn't helping. I guess i need to research these products and how to...
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    Young turkey not thriving

    I have 2 Royal Palm turkey poults. They are 4 months old now. A month ago I thought I had 2 toms. Not so sure now. The one that I am sure is a tom is thriving and doing well. Strutting and looking great. The other came down sick about 10 days ago. Yellow droppings, pale and lethargic...
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    Hen abandoning nest

    Out of my flock of 12, I have one hen that goes broody. Her first brood was in March of 2017. She hatched 5 chicks...all roos. Her second brood occured in July 2018. 5 eggs, I think. We live in TX! Hot as hell in July! She was suffering and abandoned her nest after hatching only 2 eggs...
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    Single chick
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    First-time broody, first-time broody owner

    I have a 2 year old Domingue that just went through her 3rd brood. Her first 2 broods resulted in all roosters. I know, darn my luck! They have been re-homed. Her third and most recent clutch started out with 9 eggs..long story but she ended up hatching 2 chicks and is sadly now nurturing only...
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    First-time broody, first-time broody owner

    I have a 2 year old Dominique hen incubating 7 eggs right now. I expect them to start hatching any day now! This will be her 3rd clutch. Like my first child, I babied her too much (with her 1st clutch). I have learned to pretty much leave her alone. I have given her a little bit of...
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    Comment by 'rwilliams296' in article 'Introducing New Chickens: Using the “See but don’t touch” Method'

    I have 4 chicks and 2 poults that I am getting ready to add to my existing flock of 7 chickens (one rooster and six hens). The newbies are 8 weeks old now and have been in a small coop inside the run of my large coop for about 3 weeks. Lots of looking but no touching, except last week when I...
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