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    Need your help

    Tried to delet post but it will not Sorry
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    Need your help

    Trying to post video but get this
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    Solved Please explain - Error Uploading .mov movie video

    Trying to get help for sick chicken trying to upload video I get this WHAT DOES THIS MEAN Thank you
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    Need your help

    This is Gracie she’s 2 1/2 years young. Eating great laying huge eggs (yesterday) and ruling her flock of eight new ones. (22 weeks old) Not sure what to do to help her...... Thank you all ahead of time We appreciate the help....
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    Help needed

    My golden comet is 1 1/2 years old Henretta is her name. Yesterday she sounded like a fog in her throat. Very low sound not her normal chatty self. Today she is sneezing. I'm new to chickens and love this girl. What do I need to do???? Thank you all for your help and advice!!!!!!!!!!!
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    From Mableton Ga

    Started to build my hen house after stealing all your great ideas from you all. Thank you for all the information. It's going to be 8 x 8 and over three feet off ground. (Coyotes) yes it has radiant heat going in. Why because a friend gave me a spool of Pex. Said he got it at an auction and...
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    post your chicken coop pictures here!

    Construction zone Built a run that 10 x10 concrete pad added wood along top screen to cut down on drafts ( temps dropped to high 30's in Atlanta) this is temporary coop till my 8 x8 coop gets built. It's being built 3 feet of ground Framed out for floor 1 inch plywood Yes that's radiant heat...
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    wood chips

    I use wood chips all the time Have friends that own several tree services so get them delivered by the truck load. I dry them out on a concrete driveway and store for later use. And if I need some and it's been raining to long to dry naturally. I build a fire and dry them in a old washer tub...
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    Need help !!!! Thank you

    I'm cutting the Gatorade half and half and will try the egg not sure how but will. The vitamin is poly vi sol by enfamil it's the only liquid vitamin I could find in the area it's made for infants. And yes can cat food. Thanks for your help
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    Need help !!!! Thank you

    First time with chickens so here's what happened. My favorite luelue who I found her in the morning with crookneck. Farmer I got them from. told me to start an antibiotic for flock and her. Ran to tractor supply and started and put her in a separate cage. Did this for one week but saw on this...
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    From Mableton Ga

    Thank you for your kind words and information
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    From Mableton Ga

    Lol feel young. Born in 1957 good year for cars and me!!
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    From Mableton Ga

    I did things backwards. Went with friends to get them a goat. Farmer offered me a deal on six chickens. He want his space back. He had a cross between a Long Island red and white. Six months old. His deal six chickens a bag of feed and a dozen eggs for a hundred dollars. So I bought them...
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    New from Mableton GA

    I'm in Mableton ga sorry got busy building chicken coop and tractor. Plus had to exchange iPhone 6 plus (kept overheating) next project hen house
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