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    Japanese Bantam Thread!

    I'm trying to find GOOD showable grey japs. I have contacted all the breeders with emails on the Jap Breeder club page. only 2 have responded and they dont have them any more. any help would be soooooo appreciated. I dont' want to have to go hatchery route if i can avoid it. Thanks!
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    Cochin Thread!!!

    ISO birchen cochins - eggs, chicks, birds thanks!
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    Italian Mastiff Puppies

    Three babies still looking for love
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    Fowl Pox Lesions

    I apologize for the thread hijack but I'm not finding any clear answer........I have never had any chicken disease issues past a few cases of cocci a couple years ago. I'm wondering, once a bird has fowl pox, can the bird be a carrier and infect a "clean" flock.I was looking at getting birds...
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    Italian Mastiff Puppies

    These will be VERY large dogs. Sire 190lbs. Dam 140 (her sire 200, dam 150) They are excellent guard dogs. Both ours mingle with chickens. Our male worked well with cattle and horses. They are very protective of family and property. They need room and excersize. They drool, snore and pass gas...
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    looking for a friendly dog forum

    and that is the exact attitude i'm talking about. i guess i'm as likely to find a dog forum with decent friendly people as i am a unicorn being ridden by a leprechaun.
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    Mastiff lovers, this thread is for you!

    i cant be the only one. seriously? look at these faces!!!!
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    Wyoming Unite!!!!

    its under the tab "history". if you scroll down the page it lists they are members of NPIP and their number
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    Wyoming Unite!!!!

    NPIP #43-105. its printed on the top of every invoice. i dont know where you'd find it on the website. i'm sure its listed somewhere.
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    Wyoming Unite!!!!

    cackle is NPIP as are most of the big hatcheries. ive ordered from them several times. if you want you chicks vaccinated, you have to order it. i've not seen any hatchery that does it just to do it. i'm north of cheyenne, btw
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    Mastiff lovers, this thread is for you!

    i think its dead. can i eats it?
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    Mastiff lovers, this thread is for you!

    These are the best dogs in the whole wide world! we have had them for several years now and are rejoicing in our first litter of puppies. share your pics, stories and love for the mastiff, english, french, italian, african,etc. we arent biased(much. lol) we have neapolitan (ie italian) mastiff.
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    Lavender Orpington project ....

    Quote: The breed is not new - the color variety is. I've seen day old chicks priced from $4 to $8 each. You can get lavender orps about anywhere. Plenty of people sell them here. The thing is, they are still project birds. They are not true to APA SOP by a country mile! Where ever you go...
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