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    question on pigeons

    I have two 2 week old white homers and was wondering how i could start taming them? Any tips would be appreciated greatly. Thanks!
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    Got babies!

    Just got home and saw i have 2 white homer chicks! Very excited! I will get pics as soon as i doesnt want to get off of them very much and i dont want to bother her. How old do you think they should be before i can handle them a little to tame them?
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    HI from FL!!!

    from wisconsin
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    runner duck question

    Do they go broody? Ive heard that they dont but mine is! im very happy. are they good parents?
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    question about chukar

    Can chukar chicks be hatched and raised by pigeons? thanks in advance
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    homer pigeon question

    I now have a broody pigeon sitting on 2 chukar eggs. Am i going to have to take the chukar chicks away if they hatch or can i let the pigeon raise them?
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    Looking to buy pigeons in Central Wisconsin

    Good luck and have fun!
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    Looking to buy pigeons in Central Wisconsin

    Heres a good place you can pick from a variety of pigeons for pretty cheap: Apr 24: West Central Wis. Pigeon & Poultry Club Spring Swap. Wheaton Park & Fire Station, located about 7 miles west of Chippewa Falls on State Hwy 29. 6 a.m. Admission fee $2 per car. All sellers of poultry, including...
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    Chukar and Pigeons together?

    I got my chuckars and pheasants at very different times and they share the same pen and they get along totally can always try it and if it doesn't work, you can change the pens around.
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    using silkies

    Ive used silkies to incubate other eggs for years without problems. Maybe I just got lucky though.
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    What kind of wood for a chicken coop?

    I would just use treated plywood. Safe and durable.
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    homer pigeon question

    thanks for all the help!
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    I use gound up corn cobs:)
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    homer pigeon question

    thanks for the help and advice. Another question, when do they usually breed in the spring?
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    homer pigeon question

    Today I bought some adult homer pigeons and was wondering if they would eventually adapt to their home or if they would fly away? and also do they breed year round or just in the spring? and will they incubate the eggs? Thanks for the help:)
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