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    Help! Rescued a goose

    wow!!! thanks for all the good info!! She is doing great again today. I cannot believe how friendly she is. Does she have to have a boyfriend? I only ask because we weren't even planning on keeping her, Just trying to save her from getting run over. We have 20chickens already lol. AND yes She...
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    Help! Rescued a goose

    She/ he is doing just great! Still trying to locate the original owner. She is settling right in though, seriously like she doesnt even care haha. Anyone know the sex by these pics??
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    Help! Rescued a goose

    hello friends, my hunny found this sweet baby walking in the street today, yep a leisurely stroll through small town texas. Anyway he herded her/him? towards our gate and she just walked in and chilled out with our chickens like she was meant to be there.we dont know anything about geese. Can...
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    Boy Problems ;(

    Hey all, Quick questions I have 2 Roos with 19 females. Our main boy red (rhode island red bantam) is picking on my little guy wild thing (fizzle) usually every day lately when eating he sneaks up behind him and gets him right on the tip of him little bum!!! Ripped out his feathers so many...
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    does this "plan" sound ok

    okay to make a long story short we had to separate 1 rooster from everyone ,we had too few hens, Ok we fixed that he now has 8 hens in his own coop with him, he has now been separate but visible to all other chickens for about 3 months. Well the girls are big enough that they really can all go...
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    Rooster Mayhem

    OK so an update and just a couple questions. I took the advice a few of you had and we moved the 3 most aggressive Roos into their own bachelor pad. My fiancee was wondering should we have the cage surround with something so they cant see the females when they are in the cruising the backyard. I...
  7. Our first hatched batch

    Our first hatched batch

    First batch of babies not hatched in the incubator
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    2 hens sitting on the same eggs.

    Yeah so this is going on right now yep 2 hens been laying on the same 9 eggs for 20 days now lol crazy girls it's baby time any time now!!! Such a sweet pic!!!
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    Eggs Disappeared

    OK so we have had 2 hens laying on the same 9 eggs for 18 days today. Well I went and took a peek before their bedtime. And 2 of the 9 are gone! I mean Vanished! Does anyone have a clue what happened, I looked high and low in the coop they are gone,no shell,nothing.My fiancee asked if I thought...
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    Too much to handle???

    OK, I will try to make this short and sweet. We picked up 10 bay chicks on April 30th. So they are pretty much grown cruising the backyard, we didn't know how to sex them when we got them,I just knew I wanted gorgeous different breeds. Wellll we got em. and out of that 10, 4 are roosters. and...
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    2 hens sitting on the same eggs.

    Ok, So here is a new one for us, we have a silkie that decided that she wanted to sit on eggs all out of nowhere. Anyway 2 days later our other hen Black decides she wants to also,. Heres the thing one these two are itter enemies, second, they are stuffed together in the same cubby sitting on...
  12. Hopper our Buff Laced Polish

    Hopper our Buff Laced Polish

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    Fun POLL : What Treat do your Chickens go Crazy over?

    By the way everyone the Poll is Multiple choice, Please take a moment to take the poll,It only takes a minute. But I think A lot of us will get new ideas on what treats are popular that maybe some of us can give our Chickens. Thanks everyone! #BYC #Fun #poll
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    Fun POLL : What Treat do your Chickens go Crazy over?

    Hi there Chick a holic, You are pretty much doing it right. Lol I am pretty new too. You just look at the top on the Forum section and a drop down menu will come up and you just decide where your posts fit the best and ask your question's, give advice and have fun. BYC is the Best!
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