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hello friends,

my hunny found this sweet baby walking in the street today, yep a leisurely stroll through small town texas. Anyway he herded her/him? towards our gate and she just walked in and chilled out with our chickens like she was meant to be there.we dont know anything about geese. Can anyone here give us any details about this one? how to feed and care for her? him Thanks so much!
Pending posts from geese experts, I have read that they are ostensibly grazers, so if your grass needs mowing - you need mow no more :) a large bucket of water is also needed. As I say, I am only making these suggestions if you need a bit of emergency info - the experts will, no doubt, be online to give you more detailed input.

Good luck
She probably is a mix but I will defer to others as to guessing breed. As for care. Shelter, safe and secure overnight to protect from predators. Geese are browsers/grazers so all her to range where there is grass. Also, supplement with a quality mixed flock feed (she may not be interested in) and/or a mix of chopped corn and oats. Geese really like lettuce, especially Romaine as a treat. She may do fine with your chickens but be prepared to move her to her own space if she gets aggressive toward them in mating season (Dec-Mar). Geese are flock birds and really need the companionship of another goose so consider trying to find a companion about the same size as she is. You are about 100 miles from me (I am 13 miles north of Coleman) and I have 11 Toulouse geese about the same size. If you can manage to get a large enough container and are willing to make the drive I would be happy to give you a companion for her. Let me know and I will PM you the information as to my location.

Note I have been say she and her. There is a good chance she is a he (gander) so consider that when you get a companion. Two males or two females will get along fine. My geese are, in my mind, straight run (I am not sure about their genders). If you end up with females you will get eggs. If you end up with a gander and a female you may get goslings which is always a treat if you have the space for them.
Also, water. Geese need to/like to bathe so a container of water big enough for her to actually get in and splash about is nice now and then. Drinking water should be keep clean. A bucket of water that she can get her entire head in is essential. She will need that to clean her nares (nostrils) as well as to drink.
Just a little follow-up. Domestic geese do not fly well and since she was just strolling around town she probably belongs to someone nearby. Check any lost and found post that may be put up. If she just wandered off and has not tried to get loose and go home she may be yours least by her thinking. But if she is someones pet I am sure they are missing her. She is a nice looking healthy bird so she most belong around there someplace. People do dump geese but I would doubt that would be the case in Haskell. Dumped birds usually are in parks with ponds or lakes.
She/ he is doing just great! Still trying to locate the original owner. She is settling right in though, seriously like she doesnt even care haha. Anyone know the sex by these pics??
She/ he is doing just great! Still trying to locate the original owner. She is settling right in though, seriously like she doesnt even care haha. Anyone know the sex by these pics??
Makes me think Female since her neck is short but we really need expert @servpolice to say for sure.. She is gorgeous.. Also have you heard her honk? females have low honks Ganders well lets just say they can break glass. lol

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