does this "plan" sound ok

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    okay to make a long story short we had to separate 1 rooster from everyone ,we had too few hens, Ok we fixed that he now has 8 hens in his own coop with him, he has now been separate but visible to all other chickens for about 3 months. Well the girls are big enough that they really can all go together at this point. But Hopper (buff laced polish) and my male frizzle started fighting last time he got out. Will they do it again too much? Again we have fixed the male/female ratio problems just dont want anyone to get hurt.

    Also Hopper is like trying to kick me when I go change their water and feed?? he never ever used to do that

    and ummm giving me THE wing whats up with that???

    All help very appreciated =)
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    Seems like they need to sort out the pecking order. Which even though the head hen might like like the Rooster, she will eventually stop fighting with him. You should do supervised visits for an hour a day or when you can til they "get used to each other" When you can eventually leave them all be with no fighting.

    I have 9 hens and 1 bantom rooster. Though my Isa Browns rule the coop, they also learn to just do as he says when he sets his orders around. When I brought in the last 3 hens into my flock they gave him a hard time too when it came to him wanting to mate. They faught him and he backed down becaue he is smaller. Sometimes they still fight but its not to where its dangerous.

    If he is also attacking you "kicking" he is using his spurs to attack. He is trying to show off in front of the hens to gain respect. You have to show him you are in charge

    There is an amazing thread somewhere here called "How to Raise a Rooster" With very solid information.

    When my rooster acts up i tugg the back of his neck feathers to embarass him. Once he feels embarassed he will back down

    Sometimes they need to be reminded on whos in charge

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