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    stopped laying

    I will be following this thread for replies, since we have the same issue. My Buff Orpington is the same age and was laying well up until a week or so ago, then she stopped. Maybe it is the feed? We did change the brand of lay pellets so could that be it? She is the only young bird I have...
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    Help me diagnose my sick chicken!

    Thanks all. Oh my Gosh, Michael, that all sounds beyond me. I don't have any of the items you mention on hand! I better get her to the Avian vet. It sounds though like you think it's very treatable which is great. I did notice that her comb and face are red for the first time in a while so...
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    Help me diagnose my sick chicken!

    I have a 5.5 year old Black Sex link. Until about 3 days ago, she seemed to be perfectly fine. Then on Monday morning, I went to feed and water my hens and I saw she was sitting on the perch in the hen house (instead of running out to the run for treats like usual). I stroked her and she spoke...
  4. Skatcatlas Chicken Coop

    Skatcatlas Chicken Coop

    Welcome to my coop page! About us: I decided to keep chickens because I wanted to produce more of my own food. My sister lives in Portland, where many people keep chickens, and got the idea planted in my head. I'm so glad I listened to her! I have four girls now: a Barred Rock, a Rhode Island...
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    Show me a pic of your wall-mounted feeder/waterer!

    Quote: Yes, this is the one I was eyeing! I think I will go ahead and order it. Should be just enough room on the inside of the doors for me to hang that. Trish: That is so dang simple and yet...why didn't I think if that! Awesome!
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    If your chickens don't free-range...questions!

    Quote: Good idea on the pan! What is poultry dust? I thought about the occasional short "exercise" time and started to do that but dang, even in one hour they made SUCH a mess, and dug up my newly planted dymondia! I have two toddlers so I really need to keep the poop down.
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    Show me a pic of your wall-mounted feeder/waterer!

    I swear, I am DONE with my feeder and waterer. The chickens are constantly kicking shavings into them and making a mess. There is no room to hang them from the ceiling. I have been eying a wall-mounted stainless steel version I found online and I'm wondering if its worth the money?
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    If your chickens don't free-range...questions!

    So, here's the backstory. When I first got chickens, we would let them free-range in our yard. They clearly loved it, but they were just SO messy. Poop everywhere and I couldn't keep them out of my vegetable beds. They were just murder on all the plants, and they would kick the dirt down off...
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    Why did they all stop laying?

    BUY eggs? Why, I never! well, glad I'm not alone. I wonder if this is typical for their second year of life?
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    Why did they all stop laying?

    I have four chickens, all a little over a year old. They've been laying like champs for the past year, and layed all through last winter. One of them started molting a few weeks ago, so I've not been expecting her to lay. Her feathers have grown back in, but her comb is still very small. But...
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    @!*$&@! Chickens!!!

    Grrrrr!!! I am *thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis* close to having roast chicken for dinner tonight. I have four girls that have a WHOLE yard to roam in, with all sorts grass and plants and bugs, and what do they make a beeline for? My two little raised vegetable beds. So I put some plastic fencing up all...
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    Finally finished my small coop (3 hens)

    Hey I love it! It looks a lot like mine. :-D
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    Finally completed the finishing touches! *Pics*

    Nifty, that was pretty unusual and all I can think is that they all REALLY had to lay. :-D Most of the time they seem to prefer two of the three boxes, but I do find eggs in all three.
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