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    Chicken diapers? For that special hen :)

    Yes and yes! 😊
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    Ended Official BYC Mini-Contest - Show Us Your Flock Photo Contest

    Thank you so much! 😊 It was so much fun seeing everybody’s entries!
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    Old hen

    Any chance we can get some pics? 😊
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    Ended Official BYC Mini-Contest - Poultry Art Creations-- Winners Announced!!

    Thanks! I️ used my iPad/Apple Pencil and an app called Procreate.
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    Coturnix Quail Hatching Question

    Wow that’s so awesome! I️ am not keeping my fingers crossed, as she won’t even lay them in the same place every day (I️ found one in the food bowl 😂).
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    What breed are these hen

    I’m leaning towards x2
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    What breed are these hen

    The feet are the wrong color though
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    What breed are these hen

    Pic 3 appears to be a Silver Duckwing Old English
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    local humane society inmate

    The hackle feathers on this one look a little too feminine 😂
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    Mandarin ducks

    Welcome to BYC!:welcome
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    Coturnix Quail Hatching Question

    Thanks, I’ll have to try it. I️ don’t mind if I️ have to raise them, as long as she hatched them.
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    Coturnix Quail Hatching Question

    Alright thank you! Guess I️ better get a new incubator 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
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    Strange "disease" on one hen

    It looks like she’s just molting! Sometimes chickens will get white feathers without reason. My GLC went through the same process. Now she has a very white head. The white on her neck looks like the casing for the feathers. That will fall off and look like dandruff. -DC
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