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    ALRIGHT! What did your flock give to YOU THIS EGGMAS?

    On the second day of eggmas my flock gave to me, an egg, as flat as an egg can be
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    The "get to 1,000 pages before 12/31/12" thread

    Hey I just noticed this says 12.31.12 Shouldn't it be 12.31.11?
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    A story of 2 words

    sad ending.
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    How many doubles???

    There are threads about single yolkers how many you have gotten per day. How about how many double yolkers you have ever gotten? I have gotten 2, each from a different chicken.
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    Sickening. :(

    Yes but the sad thing is, this egg farm hasn't said this was staged. The chicks with their beaks being burned off were obviously alive, and the egg farm fired the individuals that were seen in the video.
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    Sickening. :(

    Yes, I agree. But Chickengal505, This isn't cockfighting, and We are not discussing animal rights groups, I simply shared a video of animal abuse, I am in no way dicussing this particular animal rights group, I am just discussing the awfulness of the situation. I may be discussing animal rights...
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    Sickening. :(

    Quote: I know i was thinking exactly that. Mcdonalds could have had no idea this was going on. People always turn something into something its not. (although McDonalds is really bad for you anyway)
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    Sickening. :(

    Don't know if ya'll have seen this... Link removed by Staff
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    The 2nd Ban the person above you!

    I ban you for being from Tulip City!
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    Is this chicken old enough to be laying?

    Soooooo Yes she is laying, and also she still looks like that with the tiny comb and wattles, I KNOW that she is laying because I've seen her come out of the nest box with a wet egg in there.
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    how many Eggs you get today

    well we have 5 that are laying but seven altogether. SO whichever way you wanna see it its 4/5 or 4/7
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    Is this chicken old enough to be laying?

    I'm asking do you think she looks old enough to lay?
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    Is this chicken old enough to be laying?

    in that picture, I would say about 20 weeks.
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    Is this chicken old enough to be laying?

    What do you think?
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