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    Nipple vs. cup waterers and auto fill

    o.k. thanks Speedy.
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    Chicken water nipples reviews?

    Hi all, how often do you clean your lines and may I ask what you are using to clean them with - bleach? Hydrogen peroxide? thanks
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    Nipple vs. cup waterers and auto fill

    BluesKat, my girls are picky if the water is dirty they don't drink. Speedy, don't the nipples freeze?
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    Nipple vs. cup waterers and auto fill

    Hi, It's been a long time since I talked about getting these. We finally got our system set up, 2 cups and they got so dirty every day that we gave up and went back to the old system. I found them difficult to clean without removing the cup. I thought if I kept them around neck height they...
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    Nipple vs. cup waterers and auto fill

    I bought some cup waterers because I was concerned about nipples leaving wet patches in my bedding (well, the chicken bedding actually ) It's taken us months to get it together and a few day usage has made me realize it isn't the solution either. You see, I was concerned about clean water but...
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    raven watching adult chickens, should we worry?

    Hi, a big raven has taken to sitting on a branch near our outdoor pen. My husband has been concerned. I thought they would only attack chicks and we don't have any right now. Then I read a post here about a rooster getting an eye injury from a raven attack but haven't seen any other mention...
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    Favorite *Clean* Chicken Waterer?

    I too wonder about freezing. It doesn't freeze much here and mainly at night but I am wondering if for example the nipple or nipple with cup waterers will crack if they freeze? Gee! I don't know why this post turned up on this thread. I was at another thread and was responding to it. I...
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    Who has used chicken water cups?

    Thanks for your pictures and notes about drips LoneOak. I'm looking at the cups you have about 12 inches above the straw on the floor and wondering if you have any trouble with them getting filled up with straw and stuff. How often do you have to clean them? thanks
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    Comment by 'socks' in media ''

    can you tell me more about these? How much they cost, and shipping to B.C. Canada ? thanks
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    Who has used chicken water cups?

    Hi, I've just come across these cups. I have a small flock and was going to go for push in nipple waterers without cups. I have read somewhere that these cups aren't great for situations where a lot of dust/debris is in the air as it can clog the cup/nipple??? Do you have any experience with...
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    painful egg laying - supplements?

    Two of my hens make quite painful sounding squawks during laying. This can go on for 15 minutes or so. They are about a year old. I am beginning to wonder whether there is a supplement I can give to help them out. A friend suggested adding more oil to the diet. Has anyone heard of this...
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    goose stepping rooster?

    thanks, realized the only way I would really know is if I clean his feet as the just might have been dirt that looked like the dark circles.
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    Will a non laying hen go broody?

    What I mean is, I have a 4 year old hen. Last year she went broody for the first time and raised a lovely flock. I've been keeping her because I hope she will go broody again. (there are other laying hens) She never was a very good layer but now....may not be laying at all, not sure. So then...
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    goose stepping rooster?

    sorry, goose stepping as in the classic Nazi march with legs held high up. We finally got a look at the bottom of his feet and I'm sad to say it is looking like bumblefoot. Now I'm going to have to research that to see just how bad that can be because frankly.....I can't see myself being able...
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    goose stepping rooster?

    Hi, my 4-5 year old rooster has been kept by friends for a few months and I will be getting him back tonight. They pointed out that he now has a distinct goose step and we are wondering what this might be from. I realize I did see the beginnings of this awhile ago. He has had foot issues in...
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