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    Help with the sex of my chickens

    hard to tell, but what i’m seeing is two females look at there tails if there rounded their females, if the tails are more like making a curve it’s a male.
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    brooding chickens

    if one of your chickens are brooding and is just staying there i would recommend just to move it to a separated place that’s dark and quiet are the eggs fertilized? if they are not you can take the eggs out and that would most likely solve your problem
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    Help with the sex of my chickens

    looks to be a mix of a silkie and a drizzle chicken the other one looks to be like my easter egg breed chicken that looks to be cross breed with a frizzle chicken too
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    Hen or Roo?

    looks to be a hen, look at the tail it’s rounded that shows it’s a hen, long threads kinda are a showing that it’s a rooster, in this case your chicken is a hen.
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    What is on my duckling?!

    it looks like poop, if it’s dried up and still stuck you can try a wet rag and gently rub it off don’t pick it that would make it worst.
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    When do I take the heat off bobwhite quail chicks

    You may put the heat lamp out but i recommend they should be 3 weeks or 4 to be 100% safe, just have a spot where they can cool down and one spot where’s the heat lamp is.
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    chicken losing feathers

    13 months old
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    Chicken went missing?

    Can it be possible a cat killed my chciken? my chicken was pretty tiny and cats been stalking my chicken
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    HELP!! 10 week sussex gasping

    Okay, i was just sharing my way of treating this
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    chicken losing feathers

    my cochin has been losing feathers her her neck area and the coop is a lot of feathers, and there’s no injuries to her, does this mean she’s just shedding if that’s possible?
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    Help! New Male partridge with strange feathers

    can’t see the image, it says we don’t have permission to view it
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    HELP!! 10 week sussex gasping

    edited i didn’t use it everyday i just did it until the chicken stopped gasping and we also fed it egg yolk
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    HELP!! 10 week sussex gasping

    my whole flock had this, this might sound cruel but what we did was we cut half of garlic and stuff it down her throat, i know it sounds cruel but it’s every effective trust me i used the it everyday and the chicken would stop gasping in like 2 or 3 days
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    Chicken went missing?

    when i was on vacation my friend texted me about one chicken going missing, i found a bunch of feathers near their dust bathe spot so what predator would do this? There’s no blood or anything.
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    Going on vacation are chickens gonna be okay?

    update: i am back on my vacation, we’ve asked my friend to watch them and she did a good job on that, she refilled the waters and let them out of 3 hours daily thanks for the feedback though it helped a lot!!
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