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    HELP PLEASE!! Chicken breathing funny!

    Appologies for the spelling wanted to write as quick as poss to get some help!! Also i ment to say if it has breathed in to much mite/lice powder! not dust. I put powder in the coop as i had noticed a couple of lice on the Millfluer chicks
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    HELP PLEASE!! Chicken breathing funny!

    Please can someone advise what i sould do? I have just been out side and my 6 week old partridge bantam is not well at all. It is breathing funny, heavy with beak open but there is an waful noise coming from its throat! It keeps falling asleep ad lating down but when i picked it up was still...
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    Silkie Cross Breeds

    Here are my silkie crosses. Not sure what they were crossed with except he was black!!
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    In need of alot of prayers...

    Thanks to your kindness and love coco had a wonderfull life with the best mummy she could have wished for. This has bought me to tears and after posting this im going to go give my girls a big hug (weather they want it or not) I am truely sorry for your loss. ((Hugs)) and love to you x x x x
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    Caution! Very Adorable Pic Inside. Click At Your Own Risk.

    Aw that is just tooooo cute fro words bless
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    Lost my entire flock...

    I live in the UK and watch several episodes of Animal cruelty programs from the US. I find it extremely disgusting that they are not doing anything about these dogs. You have been through a truely traumatic time and i could have cried for you but this situation should NEVER have been allowed to...
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    Just 5 more mins mum?

    Caught my little Leghorn having an afternoon nap in her favourite dust bath spot. So cute bless her. She is such a lovely girl usually falls asleep when you cuddle her
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    Urgent Advice needed PLEASE

    Thanks for all your advice, hubby is currently blow torching the coop to preveny any more coming in! I have put his shoes in the freezer lol as he didnt want to burn them, the other clothes are burning in the trash bin as for the house i am on mite patrol and have hoovered about 100 times in the...
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    Urgent Advice needed PLEASE

    Thank you so much, i am guessing they are red mites as my friend removed his chickens from the coop on Saturday and the coop has stood empty and the mites didnt have any dinner so as soon as we touched it they came out looking for a new host. i am also guessing thats why they arn't red as they...
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    Urgent Advice needed PLEASE

    I have just been given a lovely chicken coop by a friend that my husband and i carried home. My friend warned me that it had a red mite infection and would need treating. We put the coop outside and came in to Google the best red mite treatments. While sitting on the sofa with the laptop lots of...
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    I didn't intend coming home with another one!!!!!!

    I would like to introduce "SKY" our latest edition. We have been asking our chicken supplier for months for a blue egg layer and for months he has been unable to get hold of one, so we gave all hope Popped to buy some pellets today and SUPRISE SUPRISE...........What a beauty, wwll worth the wait
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    Help sexing Silkie crosses please???

    I know it is difficult to sex silkies but was wondering if anyone wanted to have a stab at my little 5 week old silkie crosses?? I have an bad feeling that its 2 roo's to 1 pullet Chick 1 has 4 toes Chick 2 has 5 toes Chick 3 also has 5 toes Thanks for looking x x
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    My beautiful, Sweet Angelika dead on Memorial Day morning.

    I am truely sorry to hear about the loss of your beautifull hen Angelika It sounds like she had a lovely happy life with you and was really loved. RIP Angelika x x
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    Neighbours comment!!

    My Husband and i just completed a restoration project on a 8x6 shed and erected it on sunday for our girls. We hung a pretty net curtain up at the window and a wire chicken inside to make it look pretty. The following morning i went out to let the girls out and my neighbour shouts over the fence...
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    Super teeny tiney bantam? Rooster?

    Hi, what breed is the hen in the back ground?? It look just like my daughters, hers is approx 10 weeks old. Thanks That is one cute chick
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