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    Feeding brew grain

    It was stinky and seemed to get rank over a couple days. the quantities and life of it without mold seemed counter productive to me. Much better outcome was obtaining wilted veg from grocery store/produce stand. It was gobbled up but it seemed to get beyond my feed standards very fast. It...
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    Floating Duck House

    Mine refuse to go into anything except the woods when a hawk is around. (pekins) good luck
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    Lone silkie with larger breeds. Advice?

    All that said, I've got a less graceful light Bramha roo that doesn't roost either. He lays on the floor in the coop and the bitties get around him. His head girls roost over around him and the rest down the line. fwiw, not bantams in this flock, my buddy keeps all the bantams with a RIR roo...
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    Getting along

    My pekin flocks, have pecked with each other/the chicks and chickens all in one run. With size difference they run and attack. Eventually the ducks get together and chicken get together and achieve harmony. I would monitor and wouldn't worry quite so much.
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    Suggestions for chicken breeds for kids?

    ISA brown and golden comet lay and love like no other. All my pure breed or heritage, take longer to lay and aren't as loving. My Buff orpingtons are very nice if you want a sustainable but the ISA browns are hand fed from 12 week with little handling They come to the treats and walk...
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    Blood Bath today, share experience?

    Separate some roos into a bachelor flock and free range at different times possibly. That many roos will require a lot of violence to establish order. Once one is injured from another fight, another will see weakness and jump on them. Let them out a couple at a time with the the hens to...
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    Experiment Trying To Hatch More Hens

    I'm all over this thread. Also would like breeds and pics etc.... If it is favorable, I will hatch a set. I have a control group going right now.... In fact I may go ahead and do a cold group to see my results lol This is fascinating.
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    Disappearing chickens

    When I rotate cards between cameras it throws my dates off on mutiple brands. When you swap cards hit format on the camera you are going into, then dates will rectify and be consistent. Ended up setting two cards per cam to avoid hassle and voila. To OP, def get cameras moved. If I can't...
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    Need recommendations on rooster breeds that will protect from hawk attacks

    Just information, and depending on your local wildlife office and state authorities, something to consider. You can take birds that are killing your livestock with appropriate federal and state permits. State is easier to me, but it's all doable if you do the footwork, document the damage...
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    How to Move with Chickens?!

    Delay closing on your old home a week. Tell them its for cleaning, usually works fine.
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    chicks eating pine shavings....

    Mine peck and scratch and shavings from a chipper and mulch from a horizontal grinder constantly and have no issues. There is slag fine gravel in the run for them at choice by the ton.
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    Chick grit

    If I throw fine gravel/slag from a drive, they would pick it out though right?
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    Chick grit

    Just to be clear, I am posting my experience to learn, and questioning. I have hatched a ton of chicks in chip brooders with no grit, on chick starter. My grown run has tons of gravel but they don't get there until 4 weeks to even visit. Do we know for a fact there is benefit in adding grit...
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    What killed my girls?

    Had 5 owl kills that left the body. It ate the head of all and crop area. When a roo interupted it, it had only a neck injury from the kill.. This was on game camera, not guessing. These pictures do not look like the owl kills I saw though, but they will certainly abandon things they can't...
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    Heating Plate/Cave sizing ??

    Yup, of the products rated to and intended for the use, review their energy usage. Things with direct contact should draw less. Get the heat into the chicks and less waste. Another point might be, if you limit their heat, they may stay closer to it. I opt to provide more heat with a brooder...
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