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    FFA/4H Meat pens - Your Preferred Souce of Chicks

    We've won grand 2 years in a row with broilers from Whelp.
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    How Long Do You Let Your Frozen Turkey Thaw In The Fridge?

    Our tom ended up being 38lbs. I have a pan (barely!) but need suggestions for times and temp to cook this beast. Any ideas?
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    The most expensive pound of chicken....

    I've orderd from Whelp for a while now and have never had a problem. I'd call Monday and ask them. There may have been a mixup with the labels and you have the wrong order.
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    Showing Broilers: I got some weird advice

    At our fair the broilers. Have to be 8wks old. You can reach 5lbs in 5 weeks. The last 2 years we have had birds over 9lbs at fair time (8wks). Our birds are on the ground in movable pens. I don't add any extras to their feed but since our fair is in the fall it is hot so I have a fan on the...
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    We did it again!

    Quote: She's in our freezer. The buyer didn't want her. She told my daughter to keep the bird. Once we get the sales picture my daughter is going to frame it and make a plate of cookies to take to the buyer.
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    We did it again!

    Quote: Whelp we have won with their birds two years in a row.
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    We did it again!

    Quote: No secrets. We have a 35lb feeder that we fill. I don't pull the feed out because around here when the sun goes down it is DARK. No light pollution so the birds go to sleep and not eat half the night. Non-medicated turkey and gamebird starter, water, and moving the pen to clean ground...
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    We did it again!

    Quote: 1100.00 Awesome! I thought Thr $600 we got last year was awesome. I was almost in tears this year when the bid kept going up. I couldn't believe it.
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    We did it again!

    Yea. That is the picture from the paper. My husband has the camera with him at work so that's the only one I hve at the moment.
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    We did it again!

    Ok. Let's see if this works. The kids are so thrilled. The bird sold at auction for $1100.00.
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    We did it again!

    My youngest won with her broiler at our fair this year. Last year my oldest won the same class. We are so happy right now. I think we are going to get a tub plucker with part of the sales money. I'll try to post a pict soon. I'm on my phone right now, my loving hubby killed my laptop with a...
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    Where to get shrink wrap bags for freezing chicken?

    Quote: I ordered bags from him Monday and got them on Thursday. Faster than I expected since Monday was Labor Day.
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    Feedstore Poults... What kind? How old? Sex?

    Quote: Just wait until they are bigger. Then kitty will be running from them.
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    Whelp or Meyer -- an opinions either way?

    I've never used Meyer but we always get our birds from Whelp. We've done very well with them both here at home(layers) and in 4-H(broilers). They were HUGE! We could have butchered at 5 1/2 weeks but had to wait until 8 weeks because of the fair.
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    Where can I get a good batch of male broilers..

    Whelp for us too. We won grand champion with one last year at our fair. It was the best $600 fried chicken I've ever had.
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