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    Chickens won’t go inside at night

    I would not use the outside light on timer for the chickens. They should actually go in well before 7 in the winter. I’m on the East Coast it’s dark around 5. Also your inside light may be too bright and giving them enough light to stand outside of their coop. Maybe adjust it to face opposite of...
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    Finally a dry chicken pen!

    Thanks to all the likes and great comments on this post. I thought it would be relevant to a lot of people seeing how the weather has been very wet for a while now. I like how everyone bounces ideas around and great suggestions. I see pictures all the time of great coops with covered runs and...
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    Will this idea work to keep out raccoons / possums??

    I have had an open top duck pen for a year now and have not lost one to a raccoon or opossum. We did lose two to a fox which the ducks escaped at night and were eaten. Our raccoons and opossums usually hang out at our back porch eating cat food. I trap them and relocate them. Our chicken pen is...
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    Cats hunting my chickens

    Meow mix is cheap. Try putting out a bowl of cat food to divert their attention from your chickens. We have a bout 8 or 9 cats that wonder on and off of our property and they never attack our chickens. I actually wish I would have taken a picture we throw out scraps and the cats and chickens eat...
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    Finally a dry chicken pen!

    Yep found that out the first heavy rain we had. The top filled with water and collapsed. I was poking holes in plastic to relieve the weight so I could push the broken boards up high enough to get some temporary screws in place. Haven’t had a chance to properly fix yet but at least I learned a...
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    Finally a dry chicken pen!

    I’ve been fighting a wet soggy pen for quite some time now. The chickens didn’t seem to be bothered, but feeding them and changing water was miserable. So I decided to wrap the enclosure with thick plastic and it seems to be doing the trick. Yes there are areas of ventilation you just can’t see...
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    Chicken Greenhouse

    Any thoughts about turning chicken pen into a makeshift green house for the winter? I started wrapping my pen with a 3.5 mil plastic about a week ago and haven’t been able to finish because of rain. I’m tired of a soggy chicken pen and wanted to know if anyone has tried this and had any luck. I...
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    Please Help

    She has her own food and water on top of the nesting boxes where she hangs out until I open the pen and let other chickens free range then she comes out into the pen and eats and drinks their food
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    Please Help

    I came home today and my youngest chicken was laying on her side in the pen up against the fence with her eyes closed. Her name is Winter and I have been her Dad since day one. She hatched about 22 weeks ago. She has been fine no signs of illness. She never goes in the pen while the other...
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    Need Help

    My only chick that hatched this year is now 17 weeks old and still will not associate with the rest of the flock. She was raised by her mother and then separated when the mother was ready to go back to the flock. She stays on top of the nesting boxes all day and I have to physically bring her...
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    Spilled feed in run issue

    I had the same problem when I used crushed food. I switched to pellets and it's not so bad anymore. The no waste feeders are a great idea.
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    Chickens stay out after dark.

    I have a light in my coop that is on a timer to come on a little before I open the door to the run and a little after the chickens come in for the night. Chickens can't see that well when it's dark so if they see a light at the coop opening they will come in. I trained my chickens when they were...
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    Ducks + Chickens in one structure

    Yes that is where my wife got me. I said I didn't like them and she said but you thought they were cute at the store. I just think they take more time to deal with.
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    Ducks + Chickens in one structure

    Hi I have the same issue. We have 12 chickens and now 6 ducks. I built them their own stall in my chicken coop and their own run on the opposite side of the coop. Ducks are annoying to me, but my wife wanted them. My issue is they are still a little young to go outside on their own so I have to...
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