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    Help-Need Fort Knox

    When we were living on a few acres in town, we got away with no losses in a plain hoop coop. Part of it was just chicken wire (despite my protests) and one coop had no wire at all on the bottom. We had to purge our flock, though, when we moved. They had developed a mycoplasma infection and were...
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    Free ranging with wild geese?

    We are debating gettin geese and perhaps ducks. We have two one acre ponds. However, we have two visiting wild Canada geese. Usually their goslings fall prey to predators and they leave after spring but they are hanging around. They were VERY aggressive with other pairs of Canada geese that...
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    The fortresses is finally complete!

    Even a determined neighborhood dog will go through that plastic like it’s not even there. Hardware cloth is far superior to chicken wire. Basically, chicken wire is sturdy enough to keep chickens in. It is useless in keeping most predators out. If you haven’t seen coyotes, it because you...
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    Avian Flu.

    It is something to worry about if ducks or geese fly anywhere near your place. The migratory routes do cross, which is how it got from one area of the country to Tennessee/Alabama now. Unfortunately, once those droppings hit the ground, other birds (any birds), insects, rodents, etc., that...
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    The Middle Tennessee Thread

    I am just considering it to ship eggs over state lines, and maybe chicks to some nearby states. Nearby states only. I've heard horror stories but got my bantam Orpingtons from Brandi McGovern in Louisiana with no losses. She sent more than I ordered and the "packing peanuts" survived. In...
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    Australorps breed Thread

    Thank you for working on the original Ausralian Aussie type. I love that look!
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    The Middle Tennessee Thread

    Thanks! Now if I can be home for the testing, that is another story altogether
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    The Middle Tennessee Thread

    Who is the current contact to arrange for NPIP testing?
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    How many are breeding for Blue Australorps here in America?

    Melissa, Here are my Blue Orpington/Black Australorp mixed breed birds. I've taken a break due to space and time, sold my rooster. I still have my big Bertha, the pullet. You can still clearly see the Orpington influence in this F1 generation but it is better to use the Orpington since you...
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    The NEW Crazy 24hr AUCTION thread

    I'll just say that right now is probably the worst time to ship eggs or chicks. My husband is a mail carrier and the amount of packages handled by the USPS at this time of year is unreal. If your typical experience with the chain of delivery is bad, it will be worse now. I've had good results...
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    The Olive-Egger thread!

    I lost my Olive Egger pullet this summer, back during our monster heat wave. I couldn't believe that my Easter Eggers, with their pitifully small combs and wattles, and my fluffy English Orpingtons, all made it fine. I'm picking up my first Blue Copper Marans pullets tomorrow to breed with...
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    The Middle Tennessee Thread

    Awesome! I hadn't heard about it. We are in Loretto. We will have to check it out for sure.
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    Marans Thread - breed discussion & pictures are welcome!

    Hi! I'm acquiring my first Marans pullets tomorrow. They are 5 to 6 months old. Just getting Marans for the beautiful eggs at the moment. They will be hanging out with my Easter Eggers, an Orpington/Australorp hen and an Isbar cockerel. These ladies are Blue Copper Marans. In November, I...
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    We shall see! My first batch of eggs went into a friend's nice cabinet incubator on Wednesday. My favorite mauve:
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    Out to the farm?

    Yes, I don't worry about my other neighbors as much. The closest one leaves each morning for his part-time job by 4:00 a.m., so he is up early anyway. The other neighbors have loud dogs, louder than my roosters most of the time, and there are game roosters behind us.
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