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    Beware the ex Khaki Cambell eggs on eBay. That seller sent me an entire batch of rotten,smelly eggs. The box reeked when it arrived . I broke one of the better smelling eggs by accident and the yolk was totally liquid and smelly,too. Which would still be okay except that the seller never...
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    meat birds besides chicken

    Guineas a grow really fast, especially French jumbos. I've not tasted one yet but have heard it's really good.
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    North Carolina

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    North Carolina

    I'm looking for guinea,peafowl and turkey eggs. Also red or silver Dorkings. Live 50 miles south of Fayetteville.
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    North Carolina

    Hi,all! Trying to find someone around Fayetteville or south who has gunieas. I'm hoping to buy some keeps and/or eggs when they start laying. I'm also looking for peafowl chicks,too. I'm also looking for an inexpensive incubator, if anybody has one.
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    Red Broiler Chicks for Meat?

    Meant to add-they have a reasonable amount of breast meat but huge legs and thighs. The leg meat gets quite dark if processed at 16 weeks.
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    Red Broiler Chicks for Meat?

    I've had several small batches. We like them a lot and they have always been healthy, in fact, I've only lost one chick in about 4-5 batches. No leg issues and are good sized between 12-16 weeks but won't keel over dead if kept longer. I've had a couple hens who didn't get processed live for 2-3...
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    Woo-Hoo! Ducks in the pond!

    I realize they're "sitting ducks" right now, although I've been lucky. I think the Doberman does deter daytime predators and being able to fly helps. I thought since a floating island is pretty free of land dwelling predators that they would be relatively okay. I realize that they will never be...
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    Woo-Hoo! Ducks in the pond!

    My 4 1/2 month old domestic mallards are finally swimming in the 3 acre pond. I saw them make huge,high circles around it and land on the water. What a sight! Now, I just need to find them a house that they will actually use. Right now, they think the carport and back porch are the bedroom...
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    Officialy confused with coop size!!

    He's in Greece. I can't imagine the chickens will ever want to stay inside. I would use the 3 foot square footage for coop plus run since they are highly unlikely to spend any time indoors, except to sleep and lay eggs. I'd also put some roosts in the runs. With mild weather, why not just a...
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    Fodder for Broilers

    Meant to mention, this batch of red broilers is bigger than any other batch that I've raised. At 4 weeks they were two pounds. I suspect they're about 3-4 pounds now at 6 weeks. Now, remember they do take longer than Cornish x. They also have more dark meat and larger thighs. They still have a...
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    Fodder for Broilers

    Might want to try the slower Cornish or Red Broilers. The Red Broilers are quite active and forage very well. I usually butcher them at about 12-16 weeks, depending on sex. I have some now, 6 weeks old, that are running around all over the place digging up bugs, worms and seeds. I'm also trying...
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    Guineas for meat?

    Anybody raise guineas for meat? Free ranged? I'm thinking about it. Haven't ever tasted one but they grow so fast, eat ants, ticks and snakes, plus mice and rats. Need very little feed once outside. Roost high and can fly so less susceptible to being eaten.. They lay a ton of eggs which can be...
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    Fermenting Feed for Meat Birds

    Just started fermenting feed for my 24 4 week old chicks and 4 month old ducks. I'm mixing game bird feed, whole oats and chicken scratch. One week on it. The Red Broilers were almost two pounds at four weeks, which is pretty good since they grow slower. The Gunieas are really big, boy, I forgot...
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    Pioneer meat birds- the good, the bad and the very, very ugly

    Very interesting,this topic. I have Red Broilers from Ideal. My 4th or 5th batch. I keep commenting on how big they are compared to previous batches. Unfortunately, they are also extremely aggressive and at 4 weeks they are already ravaging some of the smaller chicks. Today, I noticed one of the...
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