Woo-Hoo! Ducks in the pond!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Tracydr, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. My 4 1/2 month old domestic mallards are finally swimming in the 3 acre pond. I saw them make huge,high circles around it and land on the water. What a sight!
    Now, I just need to find them a house that they will actually use. Right now, they think the carport and back porch are the bedroom.
    Considering floating a large dog house on the edge of the pond. 7 ducks. Any suggestions?

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    And how are you going to keep predators out of it? You'd be better off building them a house you can teach them to go into of a night and lock them inside. Sleeping on the car port the back porch or on the side of the pond will draw the predators especially this time of year when natural prey is cozy up inside a hole somewhere. I bet that was a pretty sight seeing them fly and land. Lots of pics on here of house and pens just for ducks.
  3. I realize they're "sitting ducks" right now, although I've been lucky. I think the Doberman does deter daytime predators and being able to fly helps.
    I thought since a floating island is pretty free of land dwelling predators that they would be relatively okay.
    I realize that they will never be truly safe from predators unless they are locked away. Can't do that with high flying birds that so clearly value their freedom. If that means their life is shortened or that I'm not able to save every chick, well, they lived a great life. I will most likely steal and incubate most of the eggs.
    Can ducklings be put back with a broody duck so that they can learn actual duck skills? I feel mine are a little too domestic. Probably my fault, although I didn't handle them. They're not afraid of my dogs, they just "yell" at them and chase them when they get annoyed. I hope they recognize "stranger danger" and don't treat other canines the same way.
    It's like with horses. Do you put them in a padded stall and never let them out on pasture or let them be horses and try to keep them safe but not be crazy about it?
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    Yeah but horses are a bit larger and not quite on everyones dinner lists lol Bottom line it is a risk, i would not put a doghouse on the land that would likely only heighten the risk of them being attacked.

    Do you have a floating house? that would be better than nothing. I do understand about ducks and wanting to be loose and free but domestic ducks lack the skills of wild ducks and no way can that be replaced.

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