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    Would appreciate input on killing a baby - legs don't work

    I don't have guineas, so I can't recommend treatment. I also think the decision to euthanize is a personal,one. My reasons and methods may not coincide with your beliefs and practices. I do feel that you will know when the time comes and your other options have been exhausted it is the right...
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    The perch experiment

    When time becomes available again I'm interested in seeing what effect different diameters has. Do they prefer to wrap and grab, or roost semi flat footed? I also have reached a point where I have to devise a curve to the results. They have grown enough to not all fit on an individual side. I...
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    The perch experiment

    This week's results are posted. I apologize for the delay. Testing has to be suspended for some time due to work related issues. I will still be monitoring the discussion as best I can, please understand if I don't respond quickly it's due to work.
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    The perch experiment

    This week's results are in. No surprise, chickens will roost on tree branches. Next test is also posted. This one may have much different results.
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    Comment by 'True Patriot' in article 'The perch experiment'

    It seems like an option for production farms where a lot of roost space is required. Also needs a coop with power, which a lot of home gamers don't have. Seems like an expensive option for controlling one type of parasite.
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    How moch/often do you feed? They should have access to a feeder that they can eat any time, free choice of their normal chicken feed. Other than that anything else is treats, which should be fed sparingly. The recommended max for treats in their diet is 10%.
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    Our New Coop!

    Very nice. How much space is in the no chicken side of the coop? Just storage like pictured? It looks like a great place to build a permanent brooder. Or even a hospital/maternity section. Well done!
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    Auto Chicken Coop Door

    Thanks for sharing. This is good information for those who tinker with electronics.:thumbsup
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    snow load on the roof of the chicken run

    If you're trying to get a snow load for your coop, or figure out what you need for a new one this should give you more info. It's a plug and play calculator for roofing. It is for solid material so may be higher than actual use when...
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    snow load on the roof of the chicken run

    Tag the person you are trying to get a hold of. Use @username to tag. You may not have the person you are looking for respond otherwise.
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    The perch experiment

    I currently have 8. The top roost is 8 feet. Normally when I have one bar completely across they spread out a bit more. With the tests they have been bunching closer together. They just barely fit on one side when they try. In another week or so I'll have to figure out a curve to the results...
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    chickens freak out only when I move

    Not sure. I walk around mine like I own the place. ;) They move around me. I do occasionally pick them up, health checks. They grumble a bit at that, but they've never scolded me for moving. It almost sounds like you need to raise your status in the pecking order. If they're staying and not...
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    Pullet started laying and stopped

    This article may help
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    Pullet started laying and stopped

    The green certainly doesn't appear to be in the basket. Other than checking her vent for signs of a problem she may just need some time to get.the factory up to speed. I can't think of anything else to try. As long as she's not showing any signs of distress, it's just a waiting game.
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    Review by 'True Patriot' in article 'The Egg song, it’s not about the egg; it’s an escort call.'

    Most definitely an interesting idea that the egg song is a call for a rooster. In natural habitat it would make perfect sense. The main part of the flock would have each other to warn of danger, but the solo laying hen is at risk. The observations are well stated, and I like the first hand...
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