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    Sexing help!

    Unfortunately, many people and stores sell birds that are labeled as Ameraucana when they are actually Easter eggers. EEs are not a pure breed in themselves, but they lay colored eggs like Ameraucana. From my understanding, pure Ameraucana are rare. Ameraucana always come in solid or almost...
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    What breed is my rooster?

    You know what, y'all are probably right. I didn't even notice the lack of leg feathering before. I have two Cochin mixes whose other parents are clean-legged birds, and they both inherited the leg feathers from the Cochin. It seems to be a dominant trait.
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    Sexing help!

    Yep, that's a little dude! And also an Easter egger rather than Ameraucana.
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    Please tell me it's not true!!!

    He's a cockerel.
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    First one is most likely male. Unsure about the others without knowing their ages.
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    What breed is my rooster?

    He likely has some Cochin in him. The LF Cochin are really big birds and they have tail feathers that curl under like yours does.
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    Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantam

    I think all three are cockerels.
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    Ear mites

    My first experience with rabbit ear mites was a rabbit very suddenly getting them horribly in just one ear. No idea where he got them from. I used cat ear mite treatment at the time because I didn't know any better. It did work, but I've learned since then that there's a high risk of harming the...
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    Rabbit hay alternative?

    Rabbits absolutely have to have hay. It makes up a large percentage of their diet, and is crucial to proper digestive health as well as their teeth. As far as I know, there isn't anything else that keeps their teeth healthy. Edit: I forgot to add that all pet rabbits should be spayed or...
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    Are these good bantam breeds?

    I have heard that in mixed breed flocks, Silkies (and Polish) sometimes are targeted for bullying because they look so different. Just a thought to consider! The Cochin can breed whatever he wants. Mine successfully bred with a hen well over twice his size! And he also bred to a Rosecomb...
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    Rooster Breed Suggestions

    My three current roosters are good examples of how roos can be a good fit depending on what you're looking for. Just looks-wise, my Easter egger is easily the most attractive. I find that EEs are usually very pretty birds. My Cochin bantam/mixed breed LF mix is excellent in terms of flock...
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    Advice on unexpected roosters in flock

    If you want to try keeping the two boys that are two months old now, one possible plan is to plan on having two separate flocks. Are you able to separate birds where you live, or do they all free-range together as one group? However many girls you end up with, you could divide them in half and...
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    Gender guess for my chicks

    I'm unsure about #1. Numbers 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 11 are definitely cockerels. I think that #4 and #8 are probably cockerels, and #7 is probably a pullet. #2 looks like a definite pullet. That is some rough luck! Trust me, even if you can, you don't want to keep that many cockerels! They'll...
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    Hen/Roo? What breed?

    It's way too young to tell for sure, but I'm thinking that's a cockerel. Also, it's almost certainly an Easter egger rather than an Ameraucana. Not sure what that particular color is called. I got a young EE last year thinking for sure that it was a pullet, and he's turned out to be a cockerel...
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