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    Hen red comet or red sexlink Marlborough CT

    I have a hen about 1 1/2. I don't know which breed she is. They all look the same except some have small combs and some have large ones. She's a great layer. I get an egg a day from her. She is the lowest in the pecking order of the hens but bullies the pullets. I think a change of scenery...
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    Montville, CT

    >>>Shayune: I live in Oakdale as well. I live on 1 1/2 acres, and I have six chickens Wow, 1 1/2 acres! That's a lot of land compared to 6 chickens. I have just over an acre with 17 average chickens and 5 banties. We still have lots of unused land even though our chickens free range in a...
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    Chicken Scratch - what's up with the change?

    Do any of you use chicken scratch? I'm shocked that only one person has responded. So my next update: Purchased yet another bag on Sunday. This time from AgWay. The scratch is more uniform in size. It too has some fairly large pieces of corn but not as big as Purina's. The chickens don't...
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    Chicken Scratch - what's up with the change?

    Update: Just called Purina, they also bag Producer's Pride! I knew they had to come from the same place.
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    Chicken Scratch - what's up with the change?

    Percheron chick, thanks for replying, But what are the odds that I'd get the "end of the run" from two different producers? It just feels like a terrible change by all producers or I'm starting to experience memory loss. I've been tossing scratch for 4 yrs. It keeps my chicks happy...
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    Chicken Scratch - what's up with the change?

    Has anyone seen a change in chicken scratch? A month or so ago I purchased some from Tractor Supply, like I've done before more than once. This last bag had whole corn and a lot of weird powder. My chickens, red sex links, don't eat the whole corn or even the bigger cracked corn. The banties...
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    Khaki Campbell drake - looking for hens - CT

    I have a Khaki Campbell drake who lost his hens last fall and I don't plan on replacing them. He was supposed to be a hen himself but... He was born March 2012. He's a nice duck but my husband said he probably wouldn't taste good (which translates: I don't want anything to do with prepare...
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    I'm so glad this question was asked. I have planned on researching this ASAP. I purchased my new flock this spring from Estes Hatchery and now find out they had a salmonella outbreak that the CDC is investing. We went through a move and had to leave our beloved chickens behind and have a new...
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    Dog for chicken protection?

    That's a tough question and there are lots of opinions out there. We have a German shepherd but he has killed a duck and maimed one but no chickens. They don't "squeak" like a toy. My aunt has a German shepherd that will kill a chicken if she gets the chance. I, personally, think a puppy...
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    Are they the magots of flies or the larvae of black soldier flies? If they are black soldier fly larvae you couldn't feed your chickens a more nutritious treat. Plus, they will eat anything you wouldn't feed your chickens or compost but not cellulose (paper, grass, stuff like that). They love...
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    Ameraucanas don't seem to know where the tip of their beaks are

    This spring I got, for the first time, Ameraucanas. So far, I really like them. I have noticed that they seem to not know there the end of their beaks are. They don't seem to like to eat the scratch I throw down and will wait until I put more feed in the empty feeder and eat that instead...
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    Khaki Campbell laying hens (1 y/o)

    5 Khaki Campbell "laying machine" hens. Born May 30, 2009. We get an egg a day from each, except for one or two days a week. They're great hens who lay their eggs in their house except for once in a blue moon. One has a bum leg. She was entertainment for a dog. We're moving and are sad to...
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    What is the Best Duck to get from Ideal?

    I have khakis from Ideal. They so far have been egg laying machines. All survived to adulthood. One almost to laying age. I have 5 born the end of last May. They've all been laying since fall to late fall and I get 5 eggs most days. I like them alot but wish we'd been able to hold them...
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    Animal Place? They dont like back yard chickens!

    Quote: Great idea. There needs to be some good education out there. I have had 18 chicks and 6 ducklings delivered via USPS in great condition. All grew up beautifully to adulthood.
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    Animal Place? They dont like back yard chickens!

    Quote: Completely off-topic rant removed. Please stay on topic.
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