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    Anyone have the 2x2 dickey Incubator???

    I agree with keesmom... we have the 2x2 and LOVE it!
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    Dunghill Fowl

    We are still working on it. We have had some excellent off spring that are in museums around New England.
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    Deerfield Fair

    The poultry barn at the fair is run by the NH Poultry Fanciers. You purchase any birds for sale through them. There is an "office" at the poultry barn, just go talk to them when you get there.
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    NH forum? Here you go!!
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    Looking For A Butcher In Massachusetts

    This list is from NOFA Mass. May help. PROCESSING FACILITIES Adams Farm 775 Bearsden Rd. Athol, MA. 978-249-9441 EL Blood and Sons 94 West Main St West Groton, MA 01472 978-448-6669 Valley View Farm Matt LeClerk 179 Barre Rd Templeton, MA 01468 978-833-1549 Limited livestock and poultry...
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    Tyngsboro ma chicken swap 6/23

    Actually they are still listed as critical by the ALBC. We love our Dom's and Dorks... we have been working with multiple museums in MA and RI... I think I know which one you are referring to.
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    Tyngsboro ma chicken swap 6/23

    I have 3 different bloodlines (actually my son is raising them, as I am concentrating on Dominiques and Red Dorkings) and am always interested in diversifying the genetics with fresh genes. We love the Nankins, they are so docile.
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    Tyngsboro ma chicken swap 6/23

    Nankins?!...sweet, we have to talk.
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    Tyngsborough Gardens Monthly Chicken swap in Tyngsborough Ma 7/15

    I can't come this month, but I may be able to bring our Mobile Farm one month...
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    New Hampshire!

    Thanks Kara... weekends are busy for us and I'm not online much.
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    I believe Joe doesn't bring in any new stock and birds that go out (shows or other wise), do not come back. So it is possible. We have a closed flock in that we don't bring in any new birds, and only occasionally hatching eggs from breeders we have been working with for years. Our one weak...
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    This is a nice little info packet on MS and MG, for anyone interested.
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    New Hampshire!

    Thanks for the plug... . We are doing one more hatch, going in this week. We only sell straight run, though. PM me if you are interested.
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    New Hampshire!

    According to the page it's MG... a bit of info is here: What concerns me the most is that the Chicken Swap FB page is the ONLY place I am hearing about this. The Dept. of Ag has said nothing publicly, I haven't heard...
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    New Hampshire!

    What breeds are you looking for??
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