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    Welsh Harlequin

    If your duck stops quacking and now sounds like a squeaky toy, it's a boy. Both males and females get those pretty blue feathers on their wings if they are silvers. Just keep an eye on the tail. A drake feather should form soon if it's a boy. The girls I used to have with yellow bills were...
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    Too much protein

    It was years since I wrote that old post. Not only have I not had problems with my ducks, the chickens I just got last year are doing great too. I do give them kitchen scraps, pumpkins and other vegetables on occasion and give them time to run loose in the back yard though. The only problem I...
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    Ducks and Whey?

    No. In fact, the younger you introduce them to new things the better.
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    Ducks and Whey?

    I use whey and raw ACV from time to time with my ducks. No problems at all.
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    Anyone interested in splitting an order from Holderreads? I want to pick up some silver appleyards, but don't need a whole bunch of them.
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    Grain-free chickens?

    Exactly! Plus chickens didn't evolve eating soy. Soy as a source of protein for chickens is a recent invention.
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    A friend of mine is looking for chickens. Her friend has a flock, but apparently "The hens need canes and the roo is ready for bifocals". I think she is looking for young, but not brooder ages birds. Don't think they are picky about breed, but need layers of some sort. They are in Loveland. Let...
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    Welsh Harlequins as dual purpose birds?

    WH are kind of skinny. Not as bad as runners, but its a lot of work for not much meat when you butcher them. I really love thei.r egg laying ability though...and you have to do SOMETHING with those extra drakes. I have been giving some serious consideration to crossing my Welshies with a...
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    California Hatchery

    If you were really a breeder selling quality ducks, why would you settle for stock photography of someone's random ducks? Something seriously wrong here.
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    California Hatchery

    Just got a reply from the company... "We have removed all welsh harlequin photos that were not exclusively owned by us. If you have any welsh harlequin photos of the duck on a white background image we would consider purchasing them for $25. " My photos are down and I am satisfied.
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    Just curious who else is living super frugal

    Fat doesn't make kids fat. Carbohydrates make kids fat. If you feed your son low fat he will just end up fatter and miserable. Read "Why we get fat and what to do about it" by Gary Taubes before you do permanent damage.
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    California Hatchery

    They are also thieves. They are using photos of my Welsh Harlequin ducks without my permission. The really funny thing is the two hens featured are poor examples of what a Welsh Harlequin should look like. I do not use Wendy (the darker hen) for breeding. The other hen was eaten by a hawk, but I...
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    Welsh Harlequin Breeding Thread - People who are breeding or want to breed their WH's talk

    Anyone in Colorado have an extra drake? Or maybe considering getting rid of their drake after their girls start setting? Let me know :D. I have 7 lovely welsh harlequin ladies just waiting for the right man to show them some good lovin' I am looking for silver drake. Age is not an issue as...
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    A little far away for me to be any help. Hopefully someone closer can be of assistance.
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