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    In loving memory, of our friend - Purple Chicken

    Our friend passed away on December 30th. He will be missed....
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    Comment by 'Wildsky' in article 'Bath Bomb'

    Citric acid I had to look and buy on line. Borax you will find in the laundry/cleaning section of the grocery store.
  3. Bath Bomb

    Bath Bomb

    Bath Bomb's: Dry ingredients: 1 cup baking soda 1/2 cup citric acid 1/2 cup corn starch 1/3 cup salts (I use a mix of epson and dendretic (sp) salts) Mix those in a bowl together. In a small bottle with a lid mix: 2 1/2 tablespoons oil (I use wheatgerm oil but any will do) 3/4 tablespoon...
  4. Pixie Slippers

    Pixie Slippers

    Chain 7 - Woolease, hook H Row 1: 3 sc in second sc from hook, sc to end, work another 2sc in end sc. Continue around the cornersc in each sc to end, slip to join.Row 2 - 8: continue around, increase on one side only by working 3sc into end sc.(continue till piece can cap over your toes - my 8...
  5. Wildskys Byc Page

    Wildskys Byc Page

    Working on the first page....... and adding other pages! Owned by: 2 RIR's = Scarlet and Cali 2 BO's = Daisy and Maggie 2 Ideal 236's = Flopsy and Mopsy 3 EE's = Sandra, Peep and Gimpy (aka Sun) 3 Araucana's = Moon, Star and Sky 4 Mille Fleur D'Uccle's = Kurnal Korn, Pop-Korn...
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    Nebraskans Speak Up!!! NEBRASKA ROCKS!!

    Wow Jill, what a nightmare! When you hit the bottom, you'll bounce back - I'm pretty sure of that! We've had enough rain now for a while, but I'm sure there will be more soon, its neverending ..... we're going to float away! Welcome Scarlet54 - you guys had a good storm a couple of...
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    Nebraskans Speak Up!!! NEBRASKA ROCKS!!

    Jill what the heck happened with the hubby? Sounds like he's being a jerk. !!! II had to help a chickie out yesterday, the shell got totally crushed for some reason, and I could hear it peeping its little heart out - I helped it just a little at a time, I think it was a forced early hatch...
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    Help Please Ducklings Drowning!!

    Make sure you keep them warm and dry thats about all you can do at this point. They don't need deep water to swim in, I use a casserole dish for my ducklings - easy for them to hop in and out. I hope those last 3 pull through.
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    Nebraskans Speak Up!!! NEBRASKA ROCKS!!

    Hey guys - just checking in. (Hi Jill, long time no hear!!) All enjoying the start of summer (except the rain)? Lots of flooding going on, none by us thank goodness... Not much has changed in our coop, we've lost a few chickens, gained a couple. Have two baby ducks waddling around...
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    BYC Moderator Appreciation Request Thread

    Much more relaxed I bet without me around. Just popping in - I did a websearch and up popped Backyard chickens.. so I stopped in. Glad to see some of the old (not in age, but in long time here) mods' still around... they do a great job!
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    Quote: You can find thatpattern and others at Knitting That pattern just came out free OR you can buy it on Ravelry as well Just looking at the bag, you could probably figure...
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    How Do I Ripen Un-Ripe Tomatoes In The House?

    Yeah, cardboard box or something similar..............
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    my fist guinea fowl ( need some info )

    I have 6 guinea's and plenty of mice.
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    how long do eggs last in the fridge?

    Mine last at least a month on the counter, I would imagine a fridge would be much longer... *hint* Someone should test it, put a dozen in the back of the fridge and start testing them after a month or so............ *hint*
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    Goat Emergency! HELP PLEASE

    Quote: I know we got a great deal, he's an OLD guy, in his beat up truck, deals mostly with cattle out here in the farming community. We've heard via friends that he doesn't "like" taking care of dogs and cats etc... this was our first dealing with him, we took our dog to the next town 60...
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