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    I hate my town (stray cats and corrupt bureaucrats)

    Cats can be a difficult problem. I caught one in a leghold trap after something killed one of my birds. I thought that since he'd had such a bad experience, he'd leave and not come back. So I let him go. He's still around, and now my building with the chickens smells like cat urine...
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    Growing fodder for chickens

    Any benefit to sprouting corn? I have about 1000 lbs of it.
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    My first hatch.

    Had one go broody and stuck 7 eggs under her. This morning she was especially grouchy and growled at me. I noticed she had moved, and then I saw eggshells. So I checked under her, and there were three chicks. The other eggs were not directly under her and felt cold. I think that may be due...
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    Help me understand raccoon problems and other nocturnal predator issues

    Well, some people can't justify having chickens if you have to spend $500 for a coop and run. If money is no object, you can build fort knox. In my area, animals like coons and coyotes are hunted, and generally stay away from people. Coons will still occasionally live right under your nose...
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    Dog proof raccoon trap??????

    Yes, there is:
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    Fermenting Feed for Meat Birds

    I don't actually feed that much FF yet. I only have 15 chicks, 7 are meaties. I ferment mine in a concrete cylinder mold which is 6" in diamter and 1 foot tall. A batch is enough to fill the feeder twice with a little left over to use to start the next batch. MIne is not watery at all, so I...
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    Fermenting Feed for Meat Birds

    I'd use a three bucket system. Take it out, and let it drain. Lower the next batch into a new bucket. Dump the old water on top. Fill with clean water as necessary.
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    Should I buy eggs or wait it out?

    At least there was bacon. Bacon goes well with just about anything, even squat.
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    Rhubarb Jam

    That is what we called rhubarb sauce. It is sugar to taste, water to desired consistency, and cook in a saucepan till the ruhbarb breaks down. Good to eat while still warm right off the stove, or refridgerate and eat cold.
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    Fermenting Feed for Meat Birds

    I am trying to start. I put some ACV in with some chick starter. I don't know if my ACV will work as it is just generic stuff, but maybe I can get some yeast or some better ACV while I'm in town today. I put plenty of water in because I wanted to see if it bubbles, rather than make a paste...
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    Electric fences and foxes ? Help!

    I'd run the wire about 8 inches to a foot off the ground for a fox. Unless the fence is pretty short, they are going to try to dig under it. The hot wire will change their mind. If the fox can jump over the fence, electric fence won't work because the fox has to be touching the ground to...
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    Try scolding them louder, or in Spanish. I know you can get through to them.
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    Introducing new birds to the flock

    This good info. Right now I have four hens, and i rooster. The rooster is agressive and he is bound for the stewpot. so I bought some new chicks. I got 4 more Buff Orp pullets, 2 barred rock pullets, and 2 buff orp roosters. Hopefully one of them will be nice. I also bought the last 7...
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    Time to eat the rooster.

    Thanks. That's one thing I was wondering. I still want a rooster, just want to get a gentle one. I guess he will get his this weekend, at the latest.
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    Time to eat the rooster.

    I got a rooster, which from pictures appears to be a silver laced wynadotte. He is aggressive, and chases the wife around, and has attacked me several times. This wouldn't be a big deal to me except I have small children. I wanted to hatch some eggs, but he is the wrong breed anyway. My...
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