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    South of Houston, on the coast, so I'm waqtching this! NWS is predicting (for now) to go a little east of us . So not wishing ill on any other place but keepin my fingers crossed,
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    Integration again!

    Mrs Lobo solved the problem yesterday. Turned the little ones loose and they got along fine the rest of the day.
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    Integration again!

    If I Was not so busy today I would sit down and research but I have a lot to do so I'm gonna rely on the good folk here. Getting back into chickens after a mass predation last fall. We were given two chickens, Young but sure how young ( about 8-9' tall and not sure what breed but are black...
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    Raven killing chickens

    Maybe you could try a bigger mesh on your enclosure. I have a 1"x2" heavy wire on my run. I do not have a snow problem but a bigger mesh should lessen the build-up.
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    Best Bait for Raccoons?

    Howard said it all. Your coon is in its home territory, is comfortable there and has a good food supply in that area. You would have to take it a long way away for it not to return to its home territory. Even if you succeed there are more that will take its place @ your chickens door. Therefore...
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    Poop outside the coop -->

    How about just watering it in after you move the coop. The grass would probably love that.
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    How do you like cooking your eggs?

    Fried-Hot grease so the edges will get crunchy and white will get cooked. 1 minute or less on each side so the yolk is still runny. Top with fresh salsa. Scrambled- Mix cut up spinach in with beaten eggs. We3ll done. Top with fresh salsa Love me some Deviled the way Momma used to make 'em
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    What did you do in the garden today?

    Pulled some weeds, killed some snails off the mustard. Watered some tropicals in the greenhouse. Right now I'm waitin on the goats to finish eating then I'll turn 'em loose
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    Comment by 'Wolfie2' in article 'The Pole Barn coop'

    Just a little southwest of you in Angleton. Would like to take a look @ your set-up sometime. PM me!
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    Topic of the Week - Feeding Treats

    I know this is an older thread, just thought I would add my $.02. When I think of "treats" I discount things like calcium and other additives that are necessary for their health. My girls are on the pasture most of the day and don't like to go into the pen/coop until almost dark. So every...
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    Chickens down

    PS: I am new to this high falutin, gettin mixed up in Mother Natures business style of chicken management. More used to the "Let mother Nature take it's course and learn from it" style of management. Tryin to change my POV! Does that make me an "Old Fart"?
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    Chickens down

    South East Texas and yes, low 90's and humid. Nothing new in coop/run/1 acre free range area EXCEPT: a "chicken snake" caught and strangled in the "bird netting" above the run. Been there a couple days and maggots already present. I noticed they are eating the maggots. Thought that might be...
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    Chickens down

    Half of my flock, 5 hens, are down. I have been on nite shift for several days and the wife has been taking care of them so I haven't seen them lately. It's like they just don't have the energy. All 5 are in the coop and should be outside the pen free ranging now. 4 are laying upright, heads up...
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    New coop

    Maybe good news! Locked them all in on Thursday night. Friday @ first light I let them out and locked up the old coop. They laid their eggs in the new coop!. Workin nights tonight and for the next few nights and the wife don't tend to them too well so I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed hopin they...
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    Coops and gardens

    You can google "chickens in the garden" to see people that have built wire tunnels to put between the rows. Keeps the walkways clean and fertilizes the garden a little, but you have to move the tunnels every once in a while. But beware on Youtube, there are all kinds of crazy ideas that I...
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