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    Egg color for Rhode Island Reds

    I have owned lots of large size R.I.R. hens and they have always laid a fairly dark brown egg. I recently bought some Bantam R.I.R. for hatching and they are ivory. Are they different color or did I get ripped off?
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    Rhode Island Red egg color

    My R.I.R. lay a fairly dark brown egg. However I bought some Bantam rir on ebay and they are ivory. I am wondering if I got ripped off. Should they be the same dolor.
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    Red sex-links

    I believe you have straight R.I. Reds
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    Mt Healthy Hatchery

    I ordered 25 R.I. red pullets. I got 26 and 1 died. 2 of them were roosters.
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    Dominique Thread!

    I have 3 young dominique pullets. They are fine in the house but when on the nest they are very agressive and will peck the crap out of your hand. I have 9 breeds and they are the worst.
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    Feeding corn

    Can I feed my hens 50% corn and 50% commercial layer for a couple of weeks without harming them?
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    White Leghorn Laying

    I have 4 white leghorn pullets which I hatched. They are about 22 weeks old and 2 of them have been laying for over 2 weeks. Should I expect the other 2 to start soon or may they wait until spring?
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    Delaware Chickens ???

    I have 4 Delaware hens and 1 rooster which I hatched out of 15 eggs I bought on e-bay. They are 19 weeks old and haven't started to lay but are beautiful and wonderfully easy going chickens. I have 9 breeds and so far would rate them near the top.
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    chicken died for no apparent reason!

    I found one of my White Rock hens dead this evening. She was 7 months old and had shown no sign of sickness. She was right beside the feeder.
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    How can I tell if they have started laying yet?

    What is meant by squatting?
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    What breed

    They've been laying for 3 months.
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    What breed

    I have an a question. I have the following breeds of young hens. White Rocks, Barred rocks, Red Stars, Buff orpingtons and Columbian Wyandottes. One or two of these hens lays a very pale, almost white, rather small egg. Which breed could it be. I know it is not the Red Stars. These are very...
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    Who Lays the Best Eggs: Frequency, size, color. ?

    I have an interesting story. Among my hens I have 6 Red Sex-links. I bought them as chicks in April. They have been laying a large brown egg since late August. I have always kept a light on in my coop and had noticed that early in the morning the large brown eggs were there but I hardly ever...
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