American Game

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  1. JShubin
    "The Best of Chickens"
    Pros - Healthy, Athletic, Broody, Prolific, Protective, Smart.
    Cons - Very little production value, slow maturing, no winter laying.
    Amazing; all around good chicken for yard. After 10 years of owning these chickens (and other breeds) I would never own any other breed.

    Great pets and yard art. Healthy and smart birds resembling wild jungle fowl in appearance. Great in free range setting. One rooster per flock, do well in harems or pairs. 2012-04-11 18.08.19.jpg e4bc565c_20160109_084604.jpeg
  2. 10 acre woods
    "Every backyard should have a few."
    Pros - Sporty looking. Great broodys and mothers. Protective.
    Cons - You have to keep the rooster seperated.
    I have kept two trios of American gamefowl for the past 25 years. Not the same six birds mind you. I really like their showy, athletic looks. The hens are very protective and caring mothers. I put a lot of my incubator hatched chicks with them to raise. Not the best egg layers, but they make up for it in other ways.
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  3. MaycanGamefowl
    "Coolest chickens on earth!!"
    Pros - Protective males , fairly good laying hens , great free rangers and good setters
    Cons - Must separate young cockserels by 5 months
    I have a blue american game rooster and he is a well timpered rooster, he will peck your hand when you mess with his hen.
    Hens make wonderful mothers and are extremely predator resistant :D:D
  4. Georgia Dream
    "My experience with American Game"
    Pros - Good mothers, smart, good free rangers
    Cons - roosters can be aggressive with other roosters, hens can be a handfull
    My cluster of american game although small is a joy to have. My rooster (bossman) is a pro at waking you up in the morning with his crowing. He is sweet and loving, but from a distance. He is still on the fence between loving being petted and getting grumpy over it. He is very protective of his hens, but occasionally starts trouble with my other rooster (siren). Siren is an older rooster and hes my little police officer breaking up fights with the hens and with bossman when he causes trouble. They are free range part time. I allow them out in the garden and to romp around each day but they come back to their coop at night. My hens are a joy Penelope is a true sweetheart she loves attention and is very polite. Blackberry is friendly but has a tendency to get grumpy especially over her favorite corn. :) Betty, she complains...alot. Shes the most vocal of all the girls and if Siren doesnt pay her attention she throws a fit. Last but not least is Itty Bitty, she is very timid and shy, even moreso then Penelope.
    Its true when they say each bird has its own personality. They are like a show to watch out in the garden. I do notice though that since blackberry is currently having her first laying episode. She is less friendly, more vocal then the others and very broody. Penelope is close behind with her. Penelope Bossman and Blackberry are all about 6 months old. Siren Betty and Itty Bitty are older and the hens are past their laying. I will mention ( i dont know if this is normal or not) but Bossman coming into maturity was an adventure all of its own. For a couple weeks he was less friendly. Almost borderline aggressive with his hens pushing them out of the way and being an overall jerk. Now though hes back to his normal docile self again.
    These birds are amazing to own and easy to take care of, not to mention such a fun experience getting to know each personality. I would definitely recommend these to other first time bird owners like myself.
  5. hunt
    "I love my game rooster"
    Pros - very good protecters,very sweet,very good with children
    Cons - noisy,can't get any more roosters:(
    my rosco is a very good protecter of the hens he is very smart and very sweet the only thing is I can not get any more roosters though.
  6. Trooper Man
    "Had them most of my life"
    Pros - They are majestic, proud and hardy
    Cons - Never did have anything bad
    The American gamefowl was my first fowl and I had them for eight years. Sadly I had to get rid of them but my time with them was worth every second.
  7. PioneerPrincess
    "Enjoyable birds to have"
    Pros - Great foragers, seem to put on weight really well, have lovely colors, and lay fairly well
    Cons - If not raised together, they will very likely fight.
    I have to say that games are one of my favourite chicken breeds. If you work with them, you can train them to fly upon your arm or shoulder. Some of them will even talk to you. They seem to do well with other chickens- you just need to monitor them with new game birds. Usually if they're all free-ranging, they behave. I really like how great they are at foraging and putting/ keeping on weight. They are more flighty, but if you've got a bit of land (like 1/2 to 3/4 of an acre), they'll be just fine or you can just clip a wing.
  8. RingedTeal
    "Wouldn't trade them for anything"
    Pros - Great mothers,Great free rangers,and protective
    Cons - Roosters are agressive towards each other
    I've had them since I could crawl.They where my first birds and will be my last birds!The roosters and hens are very protective of the chicks and they will fight off any predator four-legged or two-legged.You can't beat them for free rangers or broodys.The only thing is you have to seperate the stags at about6 months or you'll end up with one or two less birds!
  9. Matthew3590
    "Great all around fowl"
    Pros - Hardy, Easy to handle, Great free rangers, Protective mothers, lay well, medium sized eggs, broody often and roosters are protective of the young.
    Cons - Roosters are aggressive towards one another.
    American Gamefowl are one of the most historical birds in America's history. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln were some of the most important people in America's history and they also owned American Gamefowl.

    This breed is arguably the most varied breed of all chickens. American Games can come in any color possible in the chicken spectrum. The roosters can be multi-colored showing colors from red,gold,white, and black all on the same bird.

    The hens lay well during the breeding season with an egg every day or every other day. They go broody often and are the best mothers out of any chicken breed. Hens and Roosters will fight off any predator four legged or two in order to save their young. On cold winter days you will find the rooster will chics under his wings as they roost for the night ready to pounce on any animal.

    The roosters are some of the most docile chickens towards their owners. They are very flighty when not exposed to human contact often and very rarely will you find one willing to flog a human. With that said there are bad apples in every group. Roosters are commonly kept on tie chords or in their own pen since they will try to attack any rooster of any breed that gets near him or his ladies.

    In conclusion the American Game is one of the best breeds if not the best breed of chickens to own. Every chicken owner should have one in there flock whether it be a rooster or a hen.
  10. Cadjien_De_Louisiane
    "Love American Games"
    Pros - Hearty, most stags/cocks easily handle
    Cons - can't think of any
    I raise American Gamefowl, Sweater Blood Line and I prefer them over any demestic egg layer. The stags and cocks are easy to handle, hens not so much. Very hearty, they can take extreme cold and heat also deseases very well, just a strong bird very alert. Hens go broody very easy and are very protective of there chicks.

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