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  1. BlackHackle
    Pros - Beautiful, Good Egg Layers, Show Stoppers
    Cons - Hard to find quality stock, big and flighty, bad in cold weather
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  2. CrowHollowFarm
    Pros - Hens were very tame and docile
    Cons - A lot of roosters are people aggressive.
    My hens were tame to the point of annoying, they would fly up and eat off my feed bucket while I was carrying it. The hens starting laying early and layed a nice sized eggs. The rooster was a different story. He was so worried about going after the kids that he would chase them all the way into the house. I came out one day to my daughter trapped in the building by him. If you can find a good rooster they are a great breed to have or if you just want some good hens.
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    $3 each
  3. Leihamarie
    "Such a precocious mama's girl!"
    Pros - Very thrifty
    Extremely friendly and often prefers to be inside with me rather than with the flock
    neither aggressive nor a doormat
    Very social
    Cons - Definitely likes to be "Up" and will need regular wing clipping
    My adorable Andalusian (Lucille or LuLu) was a late addition to my brooder. I stopped into a feed store and they had just gotten a batch of Blue Andalusians from Privett. One of the hatchlings marched right up to my hand and snuggled into it, crying until I enclosed her in my hand... then fell promptly to sleep. Of course she came home with me!

    I have heard mixed reviews on Andalusians, so I didn't know what to expect. Throughout her chick-hood she was my little buddy and needed to be on my shoulder or in my hand at all times. She's 18 weeks old now and while she enjoys her flockmates, many afternoons are spent with her following me around inside the house or napping on my outstretched legs.

    She isn't "show quality" which doesn't matter in the slightest to me. She IS one of my favorite girls (shhh... don't tell the others!) however, and I can't imagine my flock without her.

    I'll update my review once she hits POL.
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  4. navajas
    "Occasionally gorgeous, always annoying, decent..."
    Pros - About 1 in 5 are gorgeous
    Cons - Flighty, eggs aren't great, obnoxious
    I moved these hens along after only a year and will not order them again. They are extremely flighty (over the fence almost daily), they are not exceptional layers, comparatively, and the eggs they do lay are the least yummy eggs I've harvested from chickens (barely, if at all, better than your typical high end grocery egg). They also took living IN the nesting boxes, (despite ample roosting space) something I've seen no other breed do. This would have just been quaint, I suppose, if they also didn't also quickly crap all of them up requiring constant cleaning or all of our eggs would be covered in poop every day.

    Hopefully the hens themselves will be tastier than their eggs.
  5. MattnCJ
    "Good with others but flighty"
    Pros - Good Layer, Friendly with others in flock, Beautiful Bird
    Cons - Flighty and skiddish of everything




    Our Blue Bell is a lovely bird. She is a great layer and good with the other 8- Sister Chicks. Good layer, 5-7 eggs per week. Not very friendly, and flies even with clipped wings. She flew into the neighbors yard and got attacked by their dog. She is in recovery. She has let us treat her without any trouble. As she recoups, she has gotten her skittishness back. Beautiful Bird!! And Very friendly with the other girls in the flock.
  6. AlilSassy
    "Under 6mos still"
    Pros - Pretty, Unique, mine are annoyingly friendly
    Cons - Haven't found any yet
    I have 3 Andalusian (2 Girls, 1 Boy)... they are being raised with Lakenvelder, Cornish, Brahma and Nacked Necks... the whole group is so friendly, they try to climb all over me any chance they get. The Andalusian were the first to come to my hand at 2 wks old teaching the others to trust me. The Andalusian are the bigger birds of the bunch, and so are the more dominant set, but only the male is overly pushy around food, but from my experience all of my males have been that way. I'm pretty sure I will be tripping over these three constantly once they are grown enough to go outside and not worry about the winter cold. It was a good last minute choice for me. Mine are from Welp Hatchery if that matters to anyone deciding. (My male is a splash, my females are Laced)
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  7. WyandotteLove1
    "Good Egg producer, Somewhat Aggressive And..."
    Pros - *A gorgeous bird* *Cold hardy* *Good egg producer* *Broody* *Hens are sweet*
    Cons - *A bit skiddish at points* *Roosters are aggressive* *Very flighty* *Doesn't like to be caught*
    My friend has had several Andalusians throughout her chicken experience, and her rooster, Bitty Cloud, was probably an even meaner than my first Arucana rooster, Chubby-Cheeks the 1st, and that's saying something! Even though her rooster was a meanie, her hen, Winnifred, is a good egg producer, even if she is still skiddish and flighty. But these are somewhat decorative birds in my opinion, especially the roosters. I definitely wouldn't recommend this bird to a beginner.
  8. mdshec
    "Beautiful Bird"
    Pros - Rather steady layer of white eggs
    Cons - Flighty
    Had to clip both wings. She was constantly going to neighbors yard to graze over a 6 foot fence. She always came back, but did not want the complaints. Love her markings, and her comb is so large it folds over to one side. Mine is not very tame, very standoffish. Will come up for treats but will not compete with the other birds to get them. I have to toss them in her direction. I wish I would have bought more of them when they were available at the feed store.
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  9. kcw0525
    "Our Blues"
    Pros - Beautiful, Smart, Quick
    Cons - Intimidated, Flighty, Quick
    I love our Blue Ands! We currently have two females and one male. Our male is currently the top of the pecking order, and he was the first to learn to crow (at only 8 weeks, impressive right?). His comb is beautiful, big, and red, while the females have smaller combs colored grey and pink (currently 11 weeks old). They have great personalities, although they run away as soon as our hands come anywhere close to them. The male isn't as afraid of us. I mention that them being "quick" is both a pro and a con, because they are able to get away in case of a predator attack, but a con because you'll be chasing them around everywhere if you need to catch them to look at them. They are very smart birds, and have a much sleeker head and longer, narrower beak than my others.

    Above is our lighter female. She has specks of black feathers all over her, including a prominent black feather in her tail. Our other female is darker.

    Here is a side view of our rooster. He's so handsome, right?
  10. xxnativewolfxx
    "beautiful bird! waiting for eggs though"
    Pros - beautiful! can fly really well! good at free ranging
    Cons - scared of EVERYTHING, flighty! panicky, if you catch them be prepared to put ear plugs in.
    i got one in a batch from a hatchery she is the most BEAUTIFUL bird i have! just with the smoky blue color! BUT....yes there is a butt she isent laying yet which isent the issue.....she along with my aconas .....are the FLIGHTIEST birds i have! wild birds aren't as flighty! i mean i raised them right i dont want to say ALL the birds are like that but mine are and it sucks! but they do WELL at free ranging!

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