Pros: Super sweet, gentle, fun...
Cons: Not a one
I've noticed a bit of a difference between the buffs and the lights. The buff were great and the only breed I've had rooster of. Wonderful roosters. My light Brahma, though, was leagues above. She had the most gentle and amazing spirit from the get. Her calm, unbelievably chill nature affected the entire flock. She had some health issues and when she had to be separated, the whole flock changed. She got thru some crazy health stuff, to the point where she became known as Morgaine, the wonder chicken. She was the matriarch; when one of the girls had internal laying and got sepsis, after her surgery she slept under Morgaine's wing for at least a month and Morgaine was totally good with it. Even though, she was a 9.5lb bird, 3 lbs bigger than my next largest bird, she wasn't at the top of the pecking order. She was just not into that and did not participate in shenanigans, but she was somewhere toward the top of the middle. In fact, her affect on the flock, was so profound, it kept the shenanigans at such a minimum, it took me 3 years to notice their pecking order....and I spend a LOT of time with my birds. She was just a big fluff ball of love and everyone loved her. She also had a sense of humor and was just funny. Smart too, I taught her to count to 7, scratched my pant leg with her beak, to get a peanut. Best chicken ever....and I've had Faverolles, who were also spectacular birds.
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Pros: Very docile, friendly, curious, not at the top of the pecking order
Cons: Gets hot easier than other breeds, eats a lot
My sweet brahma pullet who was brought up with us as a chick, still jumps up on my back. She is the first to come and investigate and is totally unafraid, but very docile. She is not mean to any birds, even new ones to the flock. The Brahma rooster we have is a big baby who will run and hide from any predator, though. He is skiddish and walks away when you're around. They eat a lot more than the other birds, but she was my first pullet to lay and she laid almost every day in the warmer days.
Pros: Very easygoing, healthy, strong layer in prime
My oldest hen is a light Brahma. I think the nickname 'gentle giant' for this breed is well deserved. She is the most friendly, easygoing hen we have. She got attacked by an opossum years ago which required that I keep her inside for five months and treat her wound daily. She was sweet all through this; even the vet who has chickens herself said she was a cool chicken.

We recently got some pullets and she's been somewhat of a mother hen to them. She gets upset when they don't come in the coop at night. She'll call and wait for them to go in until she goes in herself.

We think she's six and she still lays on occasion. She was a strong layer in her prime. Other than bumblefoot she's been healthy.
Pros: Good meat and egg birds. Super friendly. Majestic looking chickens
Cons: I've heard they take a long time to fully develop.
Our chicks have been great. I love their giant size and their feathered legs! They are also super calm and friendly, which was important to us as we have multiple kids. We can't wait for them to be fullsized wandering around our back yard.
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4.25 per light 7 for our buff
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Pros: Beautiful Giants very fun to watch
Cons: If you do not have the space it could be a little crowded
Brahmas are my favorite chicken.
Pros: Beautiful, docile, friendly breed. Is super nice, loves to be held, and is fine with my dog.
Cons: Not the best layer, though I have had some that lay every other day.
Pros: Very fluffy and sweet birds- also pretty dependable layers.
Cons: Feathered legs sometimes get dirty faster.
Pros: She is calm and easy to catch and hold. She is the Softest chicken I have ever felt. She lays brown eggs all winter. She is great in both summer and winter.
Cons: She only lays eggs October-May. But, that is when the rest of my chickens start laying, so not a problem.
LOVE THIS BIRD! GREAT addition to our flock and I am getting 3 more this year!
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March 2018
Pros: Nice looking breed . Docile and calm
Cons: Just na average or slightly below average layer
I enjoyed having these as they are a great looking bird and a calm non combative breed . For me though , the egg laying just wasn't there . I prefer the heavy egg production of the Comets , Leghorns , and Rhode Island Reds . These are a good breed for younger children to raise as they are not at all aggressive and really easy to handle . Roosters are very attractive .
The biggest, sweetest chickens.
Pros: I live in Minnesota so this breed is great for the cold weather!
Cons: Non
I owen 9 Buff bantam Brahmas and I love them! They are so friendly and calm!
Pros: calm, large dual-purpose bird, winter hardy
Cons: feathered feet are an issue for some (not for me), large bird that may need special accommodations (wider roost set lower to the ground, larger nesting boxes), heat may be a problem
I have two light brahmas, and I love them! They are interesting birds with their huge body mass and feathered feet. Mine are too yound still to lay eggs but should start in a few months. I expect them to be decent year-round egg layers. They handled a few cool nights already, and seem to be a cold hardy bird. They have a ton of fluffy feathers and even feathered feet to keep warm. I do worry about the summer heat given all of the insulation these birds sport, but we have ensured they chickens will have shade and plenty of air flow in the coop during the summer.
They are very calm birds - far more relaxed than my cuckoo maran. I have no issues keeping them with our smaller Gold-Laced Wyandotte and Spotted Sussex. They are great around my toddler too.
Purchase Price
$3.00 as chicks
Purchase Date
March 2018
Pros: Beautiful, kind, sweet, loving
Cons: I'm too biased to see any cons
I bought one dark Brahma as a chick, and she nursed another chick with wry neck, protecting her and helping her eat. I hatched 11 Brahma chicks, one had terrible splay leg, and another Brahma chick, helped her stay upright, fed her and protected her. Wonderful hens.
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Pros: Very hardy & large. Decent amount of eggs per week.
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March 2017


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Pros: Hardy, great egg layers, gentle, love the feathered feet!
Cons: I have no complaints at all
Pros: Large brown eggs, sweet and gentle, great with children, beautiful, great foragers, cold hardy
Cons: Decent egg layers
My 4 Light Brahma hens were so gentle and sweet girls. They loved to forage and they laid large brown and pink eggs. From the 4 hens I got 1-4 eggs a day depending on the time of year. Definitely recommend this breed for anyone who has young children as Brahmas love to be handled and loved. Plus they’re just so fluffy!
Pros: Friendly
Great foragers
Good mothers
Winter hardy
Cons: Not the high-production layer some people want.
I adore Light Brahmas! They're so very friendly - I've never had a mean Light Brahma rooster. They're all easy to catch, and often come up to you just for attention.

The hens make very good mothers, quite attentive and protective of their chicks. They aren't Silkie or Banty Cochin level broodies, but they will go broody regularly, every spring.

They are excellent foragers, and love chasing bugs in the field! That's something I could sit outside and watch all day, in fact - chicken tv!

They're hardy in all weather. The small combs and heavy layers of feathers make them virtually immune to any level of cold weather, and those same fluffy feathers insulate them from the heat of summer, too.

They are good layers, but start later than most breeds, simply because they spend more time growing. They won't rival, say, Leghorns for egg production, but they are still steady, reliable layers.
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Pros: Beautiful
Cons: Noisy, poor egg layers, eats a lot, LIKE TOO MUCH
Not highly recommended at all.
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Pros: Beautiful feathers and fluff, perfect for cold weather, kid friendly, large, can teach tricks!!!
Cons: More likely to die from heat stroke than most breeds (specifically Dark Brahmas) They don't start laying for much longer than most breeds.
I have a super cute dark brahma who tramples over my feet for food. Tried to eat my tooth once. I guess i had something stuck in there. I can teach her to jump across things.
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