Cornish Cross

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  1. Kessel23
    "Awesome birds"
    Pros - Grow fast, very friendly, fun to watch, more hardy than you would expect, and they taste good.
    Cons - Leg problems and other growth related issues have been the main problem for me with this breed.
    I got 53 of these guys this year, they are very awesome birds and are way more hardy than most people claim. I was expecting to get a weak bird that has a high death rate because of what I read. Out of 53 birds I only had around 5 die, all of them were from leg or other growing issues, 2 of them had to be culled earl because of this. Other than the leg stuff they are great birds. I kept a few of these guys to cross breed with my egyptian fayoumi, golden campines, and leghorns.
  2. AA Maple
    "What a treat"
    Pros - Good natured, fast growing, and delicious.
    Cons - Be ready for the "throughput".
    I just ate the first of my Cornish Cross broilers. At 8 weeks he dressed out to 6 pounds 8oz not counting the heart, liver, gizzards, etc.

    I bought a dozen through a local guy who does an egg business and raises a bit of meat birds. One was lost due to carelessness (people who were watching them) week one, and one died for no apparent reason week 7. I'll be eating them as they grow over the next few weeks.

    These birds were everything they advertise. Fast growing, voracious eaters, and tender juicy meat.

    Mine were pretty lazy, not wandering far from their food, but they did stroll around and forage a little. Definitely good natured birds, calm and pretty friendly with each other and people, even though I try to not get too friendly with them knowing that I'll have to give them all the axe eventually.

    In retrospect I'll probably put my next batch in tractors. These just didn't really care to explore much and their steady flow of food---poo through them gets to be a bit abundant in a permanent coop.... unlike my laying hens that travel a lot during the day to scatter their droppings, it really piles up around these broilers.

    Did I mention how delicious these are? Easy plucking and made a big meaty dinner + plenty of leftoverrs. And all things considered not that much money into them buying chicks local and 15$ a bag for starter/grower feed. I don't think I'll look any farther for a meat bird for next year and having such good results I'll likely look to get many more.

    Lastly, keep an eye on their water. They drink almost as fast as they eat and compared to other birds I have around they'll really surprise you how fast they can guzzle your waterer dry.
  3. fryburgfarmer
    "Great Meat Birds!"
    Pros - Delicious, Calm, CURIOUS, Great Foragers, & Fast Growers
    Cons - Must be Butchered at the Correct Time (can't holf off or leg problems/heart problems will occur), Eat like Crazy, Poop OFTEN
    I've had Cornish Cross's as my meat birds for years now and LOVE those sweethearts! They are evil! They make you fall in love, then you have to butcher them soon after!! They wonder and forage GREAT but trust me, they can eat! Lovely birds with rapid growth. Just watch out for health problems as a result.
  4. snoopysflock
    "Great meat birds"
    Pros - They grow fast and taste great.
    Cons - Lots of poop and burns grass
    These birds are selling weight in 7 weeks. They grow really fast and are fun to watch grow but are messy and require special food for growth. overall these are great meat birds.
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  5. cmchickens
    "Best Meat There Is!"
    Pros - Great foragers, fast growing, docile, absolutely delicious!
    Cons - Need "special" management to remain healthy
    There is no better meat bird! With plenty of room to forage, restricted feed, and probiotics, these birds thrive. Yes, they grow amazingly quick. By restricting feed, encouraging movement, and giving them a large area to forage in, health problems can be kept to a minimum. I have never lost a bird to "flip," and I credit my management techniques. If you want lots of juicy meat and can give them lots of room, these are the birds for you!
  6. KelsiNS
    "Voracious little buggers"
    Pros - rapid growth, friendly, easy going
    Cons - gluttonous
    I have a brooder full of these guys in my bedroom right now. They are laid back chicks, very friendly and alright with being handled frequently. I was overwhelmed by how much they can consume, I always have a pan of feed for new chicks and at less than a week old I am already limiting their intake-they polished off over 4 cups of feed the first day, an amount that typically takes my day old poultry 3-5 days to finish. Needless to say, they do not get that much anymore. They also drink much more than the other breeds I have raised.

    I'm planning on holding over a few pullets to see if we can get eggs/chicks from them with my huge Delaware roosters, but it remains to be seen if im going to WANT to keep these guys that long-they are tiny predators roaming the brooder!
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  7. Bigwig
    "Very friendly towards people"
    Pros - Good egg production, friendly and docile.
    Cons - Leg weaknesses, eats a lot, poops a lot.
    My Cornish Rock Cross hen has been very friendly towards people and other chickens and has laid more eggs than any other breed I have (Barred Rocks, Speckled Sussex, Americana, and Red Cross). She will follow us around the yard and will come when called. The downside to this breed is the vast quantity of poop produced as well as leg weaknesses (bumble-foot is a real issue with this breed).
  8. RikkiMarie
    "Cornish Cross (X)"
    Pros - Very friendly birds, rapid growth, adorable babies, very good meat, easy to care for
    Cons - Need more probiotics from hatcheries, can be a constant upkeep because of droppings!, eat A LOT
    This was my first year doing Cornish Cross chickens. I haven't had any personal problems with my chickens regarding their health. I decided to keep one as a pet even though they are very short lived (being females). They are in fact very friendly birds, they grow way too fast, adorable when they are babies, easy to care for like a regular chicken, and they have very good meat. However, when you get them from a hatchery they need more probiotics and vitamins, they can be very dirty birds when it comes to their bathroom habits, and they can be an expensive feed because they eat a lot.

    If you want to keep some as hens or just regular pets, make sure you give them enough vitamins and probiotics and limit their feeding if you don't want them to grow rapidly because they eat so much.
  9. Twistedfeather
    "Cornish Cross"
    Pros - Fast growing, easy to raise, Confine themselves in small spaces
    Cons - Can be messy, develop more problems than normal chickens, get so big that they can't hold themselves up
    Developed to produce a bigger carcass compared to the slightly skinnier chicken that was being produced the Cornish Cross is a result of mating a double breasted cornish male and a tall large boned Plymouth Rock female according to Wikipedia. They are the main commercial meat bird because conveniently they can grow in 7 weeks or 14 weeks depending on the strain. Cornish Cross do not make the best backyard birds since they do tend to tear up the property more plus the fact that they were designed only to eat, drink, and poop you'll be better off picking a Barred Rock or Silkie as a backyard chicken. Those who want to make a small profit can raise these for meat just watch the feed price as these monster birds do eat more because of a quicker metabolism. Ever since the Cornish Cross developed new clinical conditions have been discovered or re-looked into. The most common might be slipped tendon, Breast Blisters, and other more serious diseases sweep through a flock. Good management of weight would be suggested as they get can get overweight and develop undesirable fat.
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  10. Loc20chick
    "Great Starter Meat Bird"
    Pros - Friendly, easy to handle bird. Great feed/meat conversion ratiodue to fast growth. Good forager, great tasting.
    Cons - Can eat alot if penned all day.
    Raised four CX from day1, after learning about Fermented feed and feeding this to them, they ate less but kept growing, they didn't have the disgusting liquid poop that most people describe here. They had tender great tasting meat, better than the store bought ones.

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