Fluker's Repta-Clamp Lamp 8.5 inch Ceramic with Dimmable Switch

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  1. Brechin
    Pros - Dimmable, very high wattage ceramic base, easy to acquire
    Cons - Non mountable base
    I have kept many animals from hedgehogs, chickens, horses, retiles, and tarantulas. I have also used a ton of different equipement for the various setups. I have always been impressed with the quality and user friendliness of the Fluker's brand of clamp lamps. The dimmable lamps just bring their awesomeness to a whole new level.

    These lamp bases, without the hood on, are rated for over 1000 watts. This means I can use this lamp in my lambing shed if I needed to! And I have!! For chickens it is amazing to be able to install one of these in a home made incubator and change temps by simply dimming the bulb a little. I then use that same fixture in the brooder, and even outside if the weather is a bit too chilly for the growing out pens.

    THE BEST PART IS---- You can go to ANY Petco or Petsmart or even a local pet store and pick one of these up TODAY. No waiting for your order from some chicken site or spending over $40 for a "special chicken lamp", just $20 will get you the most epic lamp you will ever own. They have not failed me to this day.
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