Hova Bator - Circulated Air Genesis Egg Incubator W/ Electronic Therm - 1588

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  • Is Preset for bird eggs. Simply plug in and add water and eggs. Comes with an electronic thermostat that regulates temperature in the 99.5 Degree F. Top has a large clear plastic window for best viewing of the incubation and hatching process. Picture window is double plate plastic with air space insulation to help eliminate moisture buildup, which would obstruct viewing. Large viewing area is ideal for classroom work, science projects, advertising and promotional work, and for group observation of the hatching processes. Dimensions: 18" x 18" x 9 1/2", 110 Volt AC
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  1. Hope Hughes
    "Great incubator we have 2!"
    Pros - Easy to clean, easy set up, maintains temps and humidity,
    Cons - Doesn't hold enough , trays cheaply made
    We have two to hatch our quail eggs in and thry work great. We have hatched chickens & geese in them as well. Worth the money if you just want to hatch small batches here and there.
  2. UrAlly
    "Why we have two (2)."
    Pros - easy to store, easy to clean, easy to use
    Cons - the controller sucks on our two but we work around it.
    We have two so that one is the 1-18 days and one is for lockdown. Works well for us that way. We also live where there is high humidity here in the bay area. So don't need to add water, instead we use a small tupperware 2 oz cup and fill that half way, it allows us to have the perfect amount of rh during incubation. We use the auto turner, and that works well too. During the lockdown, I put in cotton coffee filters, and that seem to work well for each egg to sit on and then when they hatch, it tends to dry out some of the excessive humidity. We have done 6 hatches with them so far.
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  3. stonefeather
    "My favorite incubator!"
    Pros - Simple to use, decent temperature regulation, reliable, good for beginners and experts
    Cons - I agree with a previous review that it would be nice if their was an easier way to clean around the electronic parts
    I love this incubator so much I bought a second one. I have the original version when they first came out around 2002. My second one is the "new old version" that I purchased around 2007. Both incubators are still working great! I am thinking of buying a third because I hatch a lot of eggs in a short amount of time, and I want one dedicated for hatching.

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  1. ChickenLady4kids
    I have 3 of these and love them
  2. Peeps61
    I have one of these and my first hatch went well. My chicks are in the brooder box peeping now!
  3. sueiris
    so if you were going to pick between the two, brinsea and the Havobator, which would you pick?
  4. MessyLove
    IM having problems; I think my eggs are no good now. My Hova is getting way to hot and I even lowered the dial.
  5. Peep_Show
    Yes! There is a lot of headroom space. It is a tall incubator. I bet you could even hatch an emu.
  6. Quailsong
    Late reply but you're confusing crocodiles with chickens. Only reptiles (turtles, crocodiles, etc) hatch gender based off temperatures. Chickens are not directly reptiles (even if they may have dinosaurs in their ancestry). You're just getting un/lucky w/ your hatches, is all. :)
  7. alohachickens
    Got mine full right now. Put in 42 eggs and I have 39 chicks developing at 10 days in! Have only checked it once since I plugged it in.
  8. BullChick
    Uh oh! I need to water the plants! Not kidding.
    Thank you for the review. You said just the right things to make me want it, and feel good about it.
  9. leirob007
    I run 5 different brands of incubators. Where a small portable incubator is concerned the Hovabator Shines way above the competition. It holds moisture ( humidity ) so much better then all the rest of them, The forced air fan is an essential part and the key to this kit. Perfect Hatches are not only possible but quite common in mine. The plastic lining tray .. well I can not say enough good things about that. I can not figure out why every manufacturer does not copy this except they must not think YOU are worth the extra effort. It is rare I write a recommendation but this one is from the heart. Robert Leigh.
  10. hennyandpenny

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