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White, Chocolate, Black, Trout, Fawn, Fawn and White, Harlequin, Blue, Mallard, Silver and many others.
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Large Fowl
Indian Runners originated in the East Indies on the islands of Java, Malaya, Bali and Lombok. It is recorded that the first Runners were imported to the UK during the 1830s - but were then known as the " Penguin Duck" due to their incredible upright stance often compared to a hock bottle. Indian Runners have long been used in farming as a method of natural pest control.

Latest reviews

Pros: 1. My runner is so sweet and loves people & human company
2. Generally, they are a very social breed of ducks
3. Least DIRTY (not messy, definitely messy) of my ducklings
Cons: 1. I would say they are pretty loud, but their other qualities more than make up for it
2. Warning, can be messy! But, aren't all ducklings?
I absolutely love my runner duck! He is the sweetest duckling I have had so far, therefore I have really enjoyed this breed. He is growing to be a beautiful duck and definitely gets the least dirty of the ducklings (this is because he stands up tall, like runners do, which causes him not to have a muddy chest). He let's you pick him up and is a very social breed of duck. If you are looking to buy a duckling/duck, I highly suggest these sweet peas! They totally have earned my 5 star rating!
Pros: It's from the island where I was born, but...
Cons: But why the Brits called 'em Indian Runner not Javanica Duck?
The Brits back in 1800 should have called 'em the Javanica Duck.
Pros: Great Personalities, Smaller in Size
Cons: Can be Messy (like any duck)
We were given two Runners as ducklings by mistake (were told they were Pekins and they were all yellow, like Pekins), but couldn't have been more thrilled with them as they got older. Their personalities were amazing - like puppies with feathers! They'd initially run from being picked up, then stop and let you (like it was a game) and get quite affectionate (for ducks) while we held them. And the actual running... pure entertainment! Would love to always have Runners in my life.


I hatched some interesting colors last year too.
Got a white with a speckled fawn chest, got a pure white, a black and some shades of brown in between. Also got a few lavenders and blues.
Its quite addicting just to see the eggs hatch.
I would recommend Indians anytime...if you have the room for a few generations because they are like a box of chocolates. You can't just have 2.
I have had Indian Runners for 1 yr and won't take a big buck for them.
My Rosie was my last hatch and Is 5 weeks old and My boy like her alot.
I don't know how to add a photo of my boys. Can you go to my profile
and see them their. "Murphy" has a top knot. Everyone laghs when they see him
Eileen 1930
I live in MIchigan, and we had -10 degree (F) weather, and my female was laying and sitting on her eggs. They do not particularly like the snow, so if you put the ducks in it they will most likely run back tot he coop/run/hut.
They sound like a fun duck. My husband keeps trying to talk me out of a duck. right now i have 8 Guinea Fowland almost 40 chickens after this years hatch so until I sell or some other act of god occurs I kinda have a full house. Husband says they are messy and poop runny. Has he cleaned our four coops lately? nevmind, I think they are beautiful.
They are beautiful but yes messy too! They love to make mud and scoop beakfuls of soil into every water container, that may be just to annoy the chickens though! I find they spook easily and they dont really like cuddles although they do submit to being cuddled and dont struggle once they have been caught.
We have four ladies, all different colors; soo cool. Difference between chickens is that the ducks do not lay in the same nest. If they do not lay at night when they are locked up, they lay anywhere they want in our yard, never in the same place twice!...So we have to hunt and check through the ivy for eggs. Sometimes, they drop one right next to the little wading pool they have..
Highly recommended, they keep our yard free of walking and crawlies; our coop gardener friends are now saving their slugs for us! Also, they do not "scratch" for their food so they do NOT destroy the garden like larger chickens do (we also have bantams)>>>
Just curious what your male/ female ratio is? Sometimes if there aren't enough females, that can upset the balance.
have one with 2 blue swedes. just as you say if you didnt handle them they dont like being touched much. but they are great layers between may and september. and they lead the parade to bed every night
I picked up 4 Indian Runner ducklings 1 1/2 yrs ago in hopes of getting a drake. Of course I didnt and I have 4 beautiful ladies. Two of them decided they wanted to nest and were trying to share the same nest. Since no one informed them that there has to be a man in the flock to hatch their eggs, I went online and purchased 10 fertile indian runner eggs. half way through incubation I started to loose eggs I assume to a snake as I dont see how anything else could have gotten in the coop. Anyway, I ended up with only 2 babies. My questions ... 1)why were the other two ducks so aggressive to the babies?? They ended up killing them even though mom was very protective. 2) Is it true that you cant introduce adult ducks into a flock because of their aggressive nature to outsiders?? 3) if I get a drake and we were to have a successful hatch with no predator issues, are they just going to kill them off again? The ducks are free range on a huge pond and come in at night to get locked in. 4) The coop is quite small, if I make it bigger will the others leave the babies alone? 5) If I make a run directly from the coop into the water are they safe from predators if they sleep on the water?
Yes, we thought too that it might have been her inexperience too. We have decided that if we here any other peeping, it might be best to remove the eggs to the incubator and then re-introduce the hatchling to mamma later on? Thoughts? She pushed 2 eggs from the nest early on and I put them in the incubator to see if they were any good. New little fuzzy guy hatched 2 days ago! :)
I have just got into having runner ducks I received 3 female and a male we ordered on the 18 of April and I hadn’t seen them before but I have been enjoying watching them every day
This is off the subject but I have an Indian manner and I'm pretty sure her leg is dislocated does anybody know how I can put it back in.

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