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  1. Alexandra33
    "Much better than expected!"
    Pros - Pretty, proficient layers, active, predator resistant, interactive, good free-rangers.
    Cons - None so far.
    After many descriptions of the breed claimed Leghorns are flighty, I decided strongly against trying them. But lo and behold, we ended up with four this February! :rolleyes: Might I add that I'm highly impressed? That squad of white (or dingy brown, since nothing stays snow white around here :lol:) hens wins hearts easily with their tendency to greet each day with vigor, get into everything, and even allow themselves to be picked up for snuggles. Flighty, my foot! Alert, yes, but far from unfriendly. Looking forward to expanding our Leghorn collection in the future!
  2. Ursula09
    "I love Leghorn chickens."
    I love white chickens.
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    June 26, 2018
  3. Serenity4Angel
    "Excellent layers, talkative"
    Pros - Excellent layers, talkative, love to get under my feet when I'm walking through the yard. First to the coop at night and excellent little lawn mowers
    Cons - No cons that I can see
    My four love to run the yard, pecking at tall grass. Inquisitive little buggers. Love to be petted and talked to, especially Maude and Madge. They stick close to the rooster but when its time to pop out a butt nugget, they go right for the coop. Like others have mentioned, they are quite noisy when they're laying but other than that, they are pretty good. Large eggs, very prolific layers.


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  4. Cluckerzfamilyfarm
    "My 1st"
    Pros - Smart, eggs for days, easy to handle (depending on the bird)
    Cons - LOUD, loves to talk and be heard
    This is my first rooster so my opinion is only so "professional" but all in all he is a good bird. Does not seem to like my wife very much lol and is very flighty. He is free range so that may have something to do with his off days but definitely 4 star bird.
  5. AudieWarren
    "Egg laying machine"
    Pros - Great layers and foragers
    Cons - Flighty
  6. GrandmaDeKorte10
    "Sweetest, Smartest Chickens I have ever had"
  7. Caroline's Ladies
    "Active yet Fun"
    Pros - Curious, great egg layers, fun, gorgeous, soft
    Cons - More flighty
    In have 2 leghorns in my flock along with 4 ISA Browns, 3 Golden Comets and 1 Calico Princess from Hoover’s Hatchery. They are all great birds but the Leghorn needs to be handles regularly at an early age to accept human contact. They are more nervous than the red sexlinks. However, if you handle them a lot they end up being great pets and layers.


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  8. sjpi1954
    "Combat Warriors..."
    Pros - My Girls have survived heat exhaustion, dehydration, chronic stress, hypothermia, and English Phrase Lessons involving 'Who's Your Daddy?'...
    Cons - The English Phrase Lessons are not going well...
    12 Leghorn Chicks that can survive the 1,000 mile journey from Judd, Iowa, to Pensacola, FL deserve a Medal...I have split the Girls between two Laundry Baskets at 6 apiece. So far so good... The heater goes on during the Night and off during the day. They eat like cannibals and drink like sailors...didn't see that coming. Ordered 10, they shipped 12, and the law in Escambia County says 8 max and one Rooster allowed. 8 Max... Time will tell... JP IMG_1236.JPG
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    $35 for 10. 12 arrived...
    Purchase Date:
    10 May 2018
  9. Compost King
    "Not for everybody, perfect for me"
    Pros - Egg laying machines, scratch up my compost piles completely, leave me alone when I leave them alone. Forage well and do well when confined. Eat very little feed even when confined. You can over crowd them and they still do well.
    Cons - Not Friendly, superb escape artists, can fly over 7'6" fences but 8 feet will contain them. Not good as a pet. Noisy when laying eggs.
    They are not for everyone, but all their negatives seem to do well with me. They were the first chickens I ever had and I have yet to find a breed I like better. Large eggs from birds that eat so little. I had issues containing them at first but bird netting solved that. I did notice that they can get very friendly when you are lifting up things with bugs and worms under them. I move nursery pots every day and when I do the Leghorns suddenly because my best friends. When I am doing other chores they stay out of my way which I really like.
  10. ChikenChik
    "My best layer"
    Pros - Lays regularly no fail
    low feed for size
    Cons - bossy to other chickens
    only chicken of mine that gets frostbite on comb
    I have only one white Leghorn(SnowWhite...my then 5 year old named her) and although she is not my friendliest chicken to me, the kids, or the other chickens she makes up for it in eggs by far. Her eggs are HUGE and she lays way more than any chicken I have. Almost every day for the first year of laying. Second year she took a couple months off for molting but went right back at it. This will be her 3rd year laying so we shall see if she slows down. So far this spring she is doing great!

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