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  1. Caroline's Ladies
    "Active yet Fun"
    Pros - Curious, great egg layers, fun, gorgeous, soft
    Cons - More flighty
    In have 2 leghorns in my flock along with 4 ISA Browns, 3 Golden Comets and 1 Calico Princess from Hoover’s Hatchery. They are all great birds but the Leghorn needs to be handles regularly at an early age to accept human contact. They are more nervous than the red sexlinks. However, if you handle them a lot they end up being great pets and layers.


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  2. sjpi1954
    "Combat Warriors..."
    Pros - My Girls have survived heat exhaustion, dehydration, chronic stress, hypothermia, and English Phrase Lessons involving 'Who's Your Daddy?'...
    Cons - The English Phrase Lessons are not going well...
    12 Leghorn Chicks that can survive the 1,000 mile journey from Judd, Iowa, to Pensacola, FL deserve a Medal...I have split the Girls between two Laundry Baskets at 6 apiece. So far so good... The heater goes on during the Night and off during the day. They eat like cannibals and drink like sailors...didn't see that coming. Ordered 10, they shipped 12, and the law in Escambia County says 8 max and one Rooster allowed. 8 Max... Time will tell... JP IMG_1236.JPG
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    $35 for 10. 12 arrived...
    Purchase Date:
    10 May 2018
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  3. Compost King
    "Not for everybody, perfect for me"
    Pros - Egg laying machines, scratch up my compost piles completely, leave me alone when I leave them alone. Forage well and do well when confined. Eat very little feed even when confined. You can over crowd them and they still do well.
    Cons - Not Friendly, superb escape artists, can fly over 7'6" fences but 8 feet will contain them. Not good as a pet. Noisy when laying eggs.
    They are not for everyone, but all their negatives seem to do well with me. They were the first chickens I ever had and I have yet to find a breed I like better. Large eggs from birds that eat so little. I had issues containing them at first but bird netting solved that. I did notice that they can get very friendly when you are lifting up things with bugs and worms under them. I move nursery pots every day and when I do the Leghorns suddenly because my best friends. When I am doing other chores they stay out of my way which I really like.
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  4. ChikenChik
    "My best layer"
    Pros - Lays regularly no fail
    low feed for size
    Cons - bossy to other chickens
    only chicken of mine that gets frostbite on comb
    I have only one white Leghorn(SnowWhite...my then 5 year old named her) and although she is not my friendliest chicken to me, the kids, or the other chickens she makes up for it in eggs by far. Her eggs are HUGE and she lays way more than any chicken I have. Almost every day for the first year of laying. Second year she took a couple months off for molting but went right back at it. This will be her 3rd year laying so we shall see if she slows down. So far this spring she is doing great!
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  5. Cult-of-Trajan
    "Egg Laying: "Beast Mode""
    Pros - Lays astonishingly regularly, very talkative (if you like that)
    Cons - Very talkative (if you don't)
    I have a 13 month old Leghorn - she took 2 months off for a hard moult from late Nov to late Jan. After that, she has laid EVERY DAY for 65 consecutive days (as of 4/4). They forage well and are higher up the pecking order than I would expect given their small size. Egg laying song is usually cranked up to "10" on the volume.
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  6. clhtjh
    "Cuddle Bug"
    Pros - Loving, eggcelent layer
    Cons - Can be a bully
  7. Brahma Chicken5000
    Pros - Great layer of large white eggs, do great in the heat or cold, great feedbto egg conversion, friendly and sweet birds, very alert, bear confinement well
    I had two white Leghorn pullets that were so friendly and curious to the point I could hardly garden with them around because they constantly were in my way looking for worms and bugs. They laid a beautiful large white egg practically every day. They laid through the summer and the winter while skipping a day maybe once every two weeks. I applied Vaseline to their combs and wattles to protect them from frostbite and they did just fine.
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  8. G E SMITH
    Pros - Eat a small amount of feed/ lay a egg nearly every day.
    Cons - Very fiesty, not much of a brooder.
    Leghorn or as we call them here in Italy Livornese. Originally bread in the region of Tuscany in or about Livorno a city near Pisa. I have tried several breeds of chickens over the years but when it comes to egg production the white leghorn is a egg laying machine. My birds lay every day with a small pause during molt and if it gets really cold. They are not big eatters and seem to like greens to feed. They are very excitable so go slow in the coop. The rooster is always on alert but not agressive, however if I wear my gray sweat pants he will attack me. I have raised chicks but have had to use my plymouth rock as a brooder.
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  9. Poetastic
    "Beautiful birds and great layers"
    Pros - Beautiful, great layers, good foragers, curious
    Cons - Flighty, combs prone to frostbite, can be noisy, not easily tamed, roosters generally mean
    I've had brown leghorns for about a year now. I showed them in 4-H and did very well. I raised them from chicks and even while they're young they are definitely a handful. When they begin to learn how to fly, which is early in their lives, they will attempt to escape their enclosure. This a problem for me when they're chicks, but not so much when they're adults. At the moment, I let my leghorns free range just like the rest of my birds. They enjoy foraging, and venture out a bit farther than other birds. My leghorns have plenty of space to roam, which is probably a good idea. Based off my observations, I don't think leghorns would be very good for first time chicken owners or people living in the city, due to their flighty tendencies and love for large spaces. Another thing I've noticed is that their personalities vary. Many of my birds are flighty, some more than others, and a select few are very calm. The ones who are flighty to begin with tend to mellow down a bit once they get used to being around people. Mine lay a lot, but currently aren't laying at all in the winter. Overall, I like leghorns but I probably won't be getting more of them in the future. I'd recommend them to people who have lots of open space available and people who are experienced chicken owners.
  10. FarmerGirl101
    "Amazing Layers"
    Pros - Mine layed throughout the winter with no light
    Cons - flighty
    My Leghorns layed all winter with no light in the coop while my other one didn't. They love to fly so they are hard to catch as on flew into a tree so the definitely beat the myth that chickens don't fly as they do!

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