Little Giant - 7200 Circulated Air Fan Kit

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  • FOR LITTLE GIANT INCUBATORS ONLY. Accessory for the Still Air Incubator (9200). Transforms the Still Air Incubator into a Circulated Air Incubator. Fan Kit improves eggs hatching conditions by circulating a constant flow of warm air throughout the incubator.
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  1. 007Sean
    "Circulated Air Fan Kit"
    Pros - Easy to install
    Cons - Some other extra hardware is needed, sometimes.
    Have used several. Easy to install. Had to either make or buy "stand-offs" for some installations.
  2. jchny2000
    "Works great"
    Pros - keeps temp even
    Cons - cost
    Got 2 LGs with these fans, turners, candlers for $107 each. Recently bought the 3rd LG "plain" - no add ons. I still intend to purchase or build a cabinet incubator, but couldn't pass up the sale prices. I use the 3rd LG to hatch, the other 2 with fans to incubate. Working out great, and I am pleased with my hatches so far. Great starters for a tight budget, easy to operate.
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  1. Farmer Connie
    This item could of already been installed in the stock 9200 if LG wanted to keep consumers satisfied. I can see the turners sold separately, but the fan kit should be provided. It would make up for the inferior temp & humidity meters.
    sorry guys..:confused:
  2. DuginMT
    I got the Little Giant 11200 Model with this fan kit built in. I have not put eggs in it yet but during testing it appears that the right side stays about 1 degree warmer than the left side. However, temperature fluctuation is minimal. Hoping the mass of the eggs will help. Noticed that this is a very quiet unit. Happy with the product so far. Starting incubation this Saturday!
  3. gotsomeo13
    i have one of those it works great

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