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Average User Rating:
  1. Chuckopolis
    "Good article"
  2. ElysetheMom
    "Not the Best Layer"
    Pros - Large, hardy bird. Lays at least average number of eggs.
    Cons - The eggs aren't actually that dark. They don't lay as much as other breeds.
    I was a bit disappointed in this breed. The eggs really aren't "dark", just a smidgen darker than our Rhode Island Red eggs. Sometimes you can't even tell the difference. And they don't lay as many eggs as our Orpingtons and Rhode Island Reds.
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  3. Lesjr883
    "Love mine"
    Pros - Beautiful eggs
    Cons - Not as friendly as my Orpingtons
  4. Polish Hen House
    "Lovely birds"
    Pros - Beautiful, talkative, some-what friendly
    Cons - Flighty, can be loud, can be hard to handle
    This bird is not for everyone. Especially not beginners or those who are afraid of birds. I have two Marans: a White Maran and a Cuckoo Maran. My White Maran is such a sweet heart. She does not like to be held for long periods of time, but she does love to sit on my shoulder. My Cuckoo Maran is very flighty and shy. She is scared of everything. She will not let me pick her up without a struggle. However, she loves to “talk” to me all the time. These are large birds so they often scare people when they fly away from them. They can be hard to handle. They are also very curious birds. I love my Marans, but they are not for everyone.
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  5. AudieWarren
    "Wouldn't have another one."
    Cons - Had a couple maran rooster. They were so aggressive.
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  6. SheppardRanch
    "One of our all time favorites!"
    Pros - Large bird with beautiful large eggs, great foragers.
    Cons - Not super productive layers
    One of our all time favorites! Been breeding and selling them for around 5 years and they are an all around wonderful bird with one of the most impressive eggs in the chicken world. Not the most productive layers but not terrible either.


    1. IMG_8963.jpg
    2. IMG_9093.jpg
  7. Compost King
    "Not the best breed for me"
    Pros - Supposedly dark eggs, but mine weren't much darker than an orpington. The Roosters were gentle when I picked them up
    Cons - Egg production not the best considering how much they eat. Egg shells not as dark as advertised.
    This breed just wasn't for me, nothing special to look at, Eggs were not exceptionally great, they do not lay in abundance however they seem to eat a lot. They forage pretty well, but they don't seem to cover every inch of ground like other chickens do. I had the American or British version, not the feather legged French version which I get the feeling are much better, they cost most too.
  8. CraftyChickLeann
    "Beautiful eggs and great personality"
    Pros - GORGEOUS EGGS! Calm and friendly too
    Cons - Not big layers over the winter, at least not up north
    We absolutely love our Marans. We have black copper, splash and a few cuckoos. The black coppers lay the darkest eggs and our 1 splash lays the prettiest egg I get! It is ombre light to dark on the bottom with speckles throughout. I wish I had a dozen more of her with those eggs!!! LOL Our rooster is trustworthy with my 4 year old grandson and the hens will just come up and lay at your feet, peck out of your bucket. My grandson loves to feed them from the giant spoon we dish their food out with. 15032860_10210763603067353_4667800783082575451_n.jpg Batgirl1-2017.jpg
  9. chickenmom22
    "Beautiful chicken breed that is a great layer"
    Pros - Lays LOTS of beautiful eggs, and a lovely looking chicken breed overall
    Cons - Tends to have a more independent personality
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  10. Beckychick11
    "Beautiful, friendly"
    Pros - Calm, friendly, beautiful, dark egg coloring, hardy
    One of my top favorite breeds. They are just so sweet. They love getting hand fed treats! More laid back than other breeds. Their eggs are a beautiful dark color. Very inquisitive, great personalities!
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