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  1. ErockRPh
    "The Perfect Rooster"
    Pros - Attentive to & Protective of his hens, Non-aggressive to family/kids, Social, Classic rooster coloration
    Cons - None
    Axl, my French Black Copper Maran rooster is as close to perfect as one could hope for. If any of my ladies make any sounds of alarm or distress, he is there in a flash. If it's me or my family picking up one of the girls, he will follow us step-for-step until we put her down safely, but he never displays any aggression towards us. He is first in line if I'm handing out treats, but he shares them with his favorites.

    The coloration is a like a classic rooster out of a painting. Red comb is held high, golden-yellow hackle over a copper-brown body, with a tall black tail that has a vivid green shimmer.

    If I could, I would clone Axl and hand the copies out to anyone who has had bad experiences with roosters.
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  2. famerzellman
    "English Maran"
    Pros - intelligent, curious, sticks up for her self, and easy natured
    Cons - curious, a little aggressive to older birds, and high strong
    i love my maran but boy oh boy. She is super smart almost to smart. She likes to make the older birds mad by squaring off with them to be alfa then crying for help. Her curious nature is a positive and a negative because this could cause problems later on. She is super high strong and likes to fly around and "burn out" as i call it so you have to watch where you are walking or you will surely be tripping over her. She is defiantly giving me a run for my money and better be laying my chocolate egg soon!!!
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  3. Lovemylilcluckers
    "Great Bird"
    Pros - Quiet
    beautiful bird!
    beautiful eggs!
    easily handled
    easy going with others
    Cons - Absolutely none!
  4. Clio320i
    "A good mouser; broody"
    Pros - Rich eggs with dark yolks, one hen is a mouser (major points for that)
    Cons - Both hens frequently broody; the non-mouser attacks others
    I have a mixed flock of 5 chickens, two of them French BCM's. They started laying only a couple weeks after the others, and both have been reasonably decent layers for the past year. Jackie lays a light egg, about a 2 on the Marans egg color scale, sometimes speckled, with very dark yolks like duck eggs; much darker yolks than any of the other chickens. Both hens have gone broody at least a couple of times since they started laying. Jackie recently started picking on other chickens, standing on their backs and pulling out the feathers behind their ears. She's on the cull list. Misha lays dark-shelled (about a 4) eggs with the same dark yolks, and she's a nice hen who gets along well with everyone else including the ducks. And the best part is she catches and eats mice, which puts her on the do-not-cull-ever list and I will happily put up with her broodiness in exchange for mousing as our cats are old and lazy.
  5. SoCalClucker
    "Pretty eggs!"
    Pros - Eggs stand out in a mixed-color basket, hens are personable in our flock
    Cons - Not quite a "top producer" but still a steady layer
    We have 2 cuckoo marans and it's never hard to tell their eggs apart from the rest! Dark brown with even darker brown speckles, so pretty. The birds aren't aggressive but aren't the most docile either, so they settled in somewhere in the middle of the pecking order. They do seem to be smaller than some of our other breeds (Orpington, Australorp, Easter Egger, etc.) so I don't think they'd be the best dual-purpose bird, but as a layer, they are nice to add a dark brown to the mix.

    We also briefly had a Marans rooster. Incredibly gorgeous bird, he figured out the whole "mating" process just fine and was never aggressive toward us or the girls.
  6. Fanci Feathers Marans
    "A Fun Show Bird"
    Pros - Beautiful both inside and out. The layer of James Bond's favorite egg. An amiable bird.
    Cons - The very process that causes the dark eggshell, slows their production. Worth the wait, though.
    I have had at least five different breeds of chickens, but none of them have impressed me like the Marans.
    Feathered feet, colorful plumage and eggs just have that 'pop' in the carton. It's easy to distinguish a purebred Marans from the others- just wait for them to lay an egg! Even a beginner chicken keeper can spot a sub-par hen with this trick.
    I love the challenge in breeding them for exhibition, too. The delicate balance between copper and black in the feathers, the eye color, and the pursuit of that perfect 40-degree tail.
  7. beerlady
    "Jerk birds"
    Pros - Once they start laying I'll let you know if there's anything nice to say
    Cons - Flighty, unfriendly birds.
    I have 2 Cuckoo Marans since hatching and they still act completely feral despite all attempts to socialize. They're still too young to lay yet so I might have something positive to say about them in a few months, but temperamentally they prefer keeping to themselves and and act like I plan on murdering them every time I see them (they may be onto something).
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  8. Beatrice&Maple
    "Wonderful birds"
    Pros - Friendly, beautiful eggs, nice looking chickens, protective.
    Cons - Absolutely none.
    My two Black Copper Marans are wonderful birds. They are very friendly and get along wonderfully with people. They consistently lay lovely eggs. One of my favorite breeds.
    017 (2).JPG IMG_1372.JPG
  9. wflynt01
    Pros - Calm, Friendly, Curious, Smart, Good Layers
  10. Peach Mom
    "Friendly, smart, curious birds that have had..."
    Pros - The eggs really are all they claim to be! Best I have ever eaten! I just love this breed not only for their special eggs but for their personalities!
    Cons - Even in GA the combs are so large they can get frostbite easily and need care to protect them if it dips below freezing.
    There is a lot of hype about the special eggs. All fresh, free range eggs are wonderful. These are on a whole other level. To eat one of these French Black Copper Marans eggs, freshly laid, should be on everyone's bucket list. Wow! My favorite chicken (I have had a number of breeds) is a FBCM hen named Button. She is as friendly and curious as a kitten. It is true they go broody a good bit. Some individuals are more broody than others, still they make excellent mothers so I feel this makes the trait worth it. I never want to be without them in my flock. I must add I am baffled by the statement that the roosters can be aggressive. The two I have had are not aggressive with anyone or anything (except each other). The one I have now even accepts my chicken friendly cat in his run area.

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