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  1. oldhen2345
    "Love my orpingtons"
    Pros - large, dual purpose, friendly, curious.
    Cons - Loud, can be bossy, will eat anything.
    I love my girls. I have one Lavender Orpington, beautiful, just beautiful. I have two Mottled Orpington chicks- seven weeks old. One is black and white, one is white with black angel wings. I can't wait to see what she looks like grown. One Buff Orpington- my pal Alberta. She comes and sits in my lap every day to converse. She is two years old. These are big, colorful chickens that brighten my back yard. I guess they are yard candy. I haven't seen any fights picked, other than the usual pecking order disturbances. They come running when I call- waiting for a snack and eat out of my hand. Lay eggs like a champ- average of 4 to 5 per week.


    1. Pearl 5 wks a.jpg
    2. Missy with angel wings.jpg
    3. alberta and me.jpg
  2. kidcody
    "English Orpington Pure English Silver Laced..."
    Pros - English Orpington Pure English Silver Laced Orpington
    Cons - English Orpington by Autumn Farm Orpingtons


    English Orpington Silver Laced "Skip" ..Autumn Farm Orpingtons
  3. SteveBaz
    "Love my "Blondie""
    Pros - Easy Gentle Loveable Producer Sweet
    Cons - N/A
    The sole survivor of a raccoon attack and is the oldest in my flock. Extremely loyal girl. She is the "QUEEN" in the coop and they listen to her a lot. Loves following me around but I have a few that do that. Of course I have a bowl with me 75% of the time. That means picking up eggs or giving food :)

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