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    The only colour recognized in North America is Buff.
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    William Cook of England created the orpington duck. He used Cayuga, Runner and Aylesbury ducks to create it. The Buff Orpington was first accepted into the American Standard of Perfection in 1914. Buff is the only recognized colour in North America but there are other colours around the world.
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    The Orpington duck is a great breed! They lay around 200 eggs a year and can be used for meat. They are a tan/buff colour with the males having a grey head. They are loud birds and would not be great if you had close neighbours. They are a medium sized bird. I would greatly recommend this breed becuase it is an all around good bird.







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  1. Pequito
    "Amazing companian"
    Pros - Very friendly, beautiful, adorable, smart
    Cons - loud, but then again all ducks are loud
    I have a Buff Orpington duck named Pequito and he is just absolutely cute and really fun. I feed him lots of things and he loved everything except pickles.
  2. Mrs White
    "Mating Pair"
    Pros - Hardy, friendly, good egg layer, likes the water
    Cons - Likes water a little too much at times
    I have a pair of Buff Orpington's. We started with five ducklings and unfortunately, after the raccoon and coyote problems were taken care of I had two left. A male and a female, they are both quiet, the male is large-bodied and has beautiful darker coloring. While the female is smaller and lighter colored and lays an egg nearly every day if not every other. She is very shy and hangs behind the male. They are very hardy and I am greatly impressed how much they truly love water. I had never had ducks before I bought these ducklings so this is still very new. But I think for my first-time experience this was the perfect type of duck for my family.
    Purchase Date:
    March, 2017
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  3. GoldenFlight
    "Amazing all around bird!"
    Pros - Great layers, Cute, very tame, and good mothers!
    Cons - Very aggressive drake.
    I got my first buff trio in June of 2015, along with 3 other breeds of ducks. I have loved our buffs and I have to say are my overall favorite breed of duck so far. Our three buffs were Caspian,(Who we no longer have), Stacy,( She sadly passed away this summer), and Dory,(Who is still alive and well). Dory was able to hatch two batches of duckling this year, the first batch was four and the second was five. I highly recommend them for anyone who loves ducks!

    Stacy and Caspian
    Dory, with her ducklings from this spring!
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  1. winteree
    i really wanted buff ducks because of the eggs and because the site said they where good pets which is really important at my house with surprise visits from my cousins, nephews and nieces make year round but not if they are going to kill them selfs getting away from me. :/
  2. ducklucky
    I would agree with you, they are not exactly pretty when getting pins, but super friendly and not skittish at all, especially when in the brooder, they want your hands at all times! Def different than Pekins in temperament, not afraid at all, they will run all over each other to be the first to get to you. Can't wait til they're feathered enough to get them outside permanently tho, the nights are still so chilly and refuse to put a lamp on in May!

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