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  1. besorto
    "The best chicken ever!"
    Pros - Friendly, adorable, kids love them, not broody, talkative, great layers of small white eggs, huggable.
    Cons - they're just a little bit dumb
    I love my little golden laced polish to DEATH! Not only does she love to follow me around the yard, but she loves to talk! She's always rocking a new hairdo to impress the roos, and lays a tiny white egg everyday without fail. "Passiflora" responds to her name and loves to bring my kids things she finds cool throughout the yard. She'd be the perfect bird if she weren't such an airhead :lau I've never seen a chicken run TOWARDS a hawk :idunno
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  2. R1V3R20NG
    "I LOVE THEM!!!"
    Pros - Completely lovable. Will play with your feet, follow you everywhere and when younger will jump onto your leg.. or arm.... or shoulder......... or head! Falls asleep in arms when you stroke the afro.
    Cons - Cant see as well, mine has run into a pole before. Aggressive to other chickens, which can be a good or bad thing.
    These are amazing birds who love love love love people. What i mean by aggressive being a good or bad thing is because they might beat up the other hens, but that will protect them from getting their afro getting ripped out. They are fun to watch run around the yard. You don't need to worry so much about them being cold in the winter when they are younger since they become fully feathered at a very young age.
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  3. BethLouMcCormick
    "Funny Little Chickens"
    Pros - Happy go lucky & Funny little chickens
    very dramatic with the way they act
    Cons - Can get bullied but some are also bullies
    I have 4 polish chickens 3 hens and a cockerel all are bantam sized:
    -Maggie a solid black hen- very happy doing her own thing loves being friends with other chickens.
    -Dooffy a solid white cockerel - very dramatic, Very Silly, doesn't coo cooo doodle doo just squeaks every now and then & NOT very clever.
    -Ruth a red black laced hen- happy doing her own thing, bit dramatic, doesn't like cockerels.
    -Scabbers a frizzled golden silver lace hen- very very dramatic, feisty with other chickens, likes to be top dog even tho shes tiny, out of all the chickens I have shes the most scabby.
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  4. Yorkshire Coop
    "Polish poppets!"
    Pros - Friendly, chatty, reasonable layers.
    Cons - Crest issues, not good in mixed flock.
    IMG_0192.JPG As a keeper of polish I love them. Very friendly and love lap sitting. Reasonable layers. Interesting to look at. Multiple colours make a nice flock.

    Downsides are they need extra crest care. The crest can often attract unwanted pecking from other birds.
    Some can be flighty if they don't know you are there.
    Some don't mix well in mixed flock setting.
  5. Indyshent
    "Goofy birds, great conversation starters"
    Pros - Goofy, endearing temperament. Tolerates hsndling, not flighty. Good rooster instincts. Adorable crow.
    Cons - Not a frying bird, fragile as chicks
    I have one large fowl silver laced Polish rooster. The other five didn't make it past a month. While the smallest bird I own at maybe 4 pounds, he's not the bottom of the pecking order in a six rooster hierarchy. His frequent crow is nevertheless adorable, shorter than most, of a higher pitch and a more bantam quality. He likes to fluff up nesting material for the girls. He doesn't eat much but adds a lot of charm and entertainment value to the chicken yard.

    Crested breeds relatively prone to getting lice and to predation generally as crests block their view. Polish chickens, while generally viewed as cold intolerant have proven to be more tolerant than I'd expected. They're not an "eating chicken" but also don't eat much, unlike several other more ornamental, pet type breeds. I've heard they're respectable layers of tiny eggs.
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  6. MeridianChick
    "So sweet and silly!"
    Pros - Very social and kind
    Cons - Has a hard time seeing and is very loud!
  7. AmySellersARt
    "As an artist.... these dreamy birds are..."
    Pros - So far mine have been fun and sweet. No problems yet.
    Cons - As new peeps they were very fragile. I needed to keep them "pampered" much longer than my sturdier breeds.

  8. TheBantyCoop
    "A Very Funny Bird Indeed"
    Pros - Simultaneously Hilarious and Gorgeous in Appearance, Not Terrible Layers, Friendly, Quirky Personalities
    Cons - Cannot See Very Well, Poor with Free Ranging, Have Trouble Flying up to Perches, Light and Flighty
    My Polish is enormously funny, but she does seem to suffer from some problems, may of which originate from her signature "hairdo"

    She is the funniest-looking chicken. The laughs she provokes make the troubles that her feathers cause her not quite as bad.

    I expected her laying to be much worse, as she is an ornamental breed, but it is actually quite good. She lays almost as much as my BR and is one of my most consistent layers. She took the shortest off-season of all of my girls during the molt.

    She is one of my friendlier birds and one of the easiest to catch. She will ride around on my arm while I am gardening by choice.

    She is full of personality. Sometimes, she will have small crazy moments wherein she will run around and attack my other girls. I have no idea why she does this, but it cracks me up and the other girls just put up with it. [​IMG]


    She is practically blind to anything that happens above her! This causes many of her problems.

    She is vulnerable when she is free-ranging. She has a tendency to get separated from the others, and cannot see predators that well.

    She cannot see her roosting perch, so I installed another perch to help her get to it.

    She is pretty light and can fly really well. She could scale most backyard fences pretty easily.

    Consensus: She is a great bird, but she has an unfortunate list of cons. I would recommend Polish to people who want to keep chickens as pets more than layers and who are willing to supervise free-ranging.
  9. Banaynaychicken
    "Blind is Beautiful"
    Pros - Beautiful birds, Crests Are Large and Full, Great for Shows, Relativley Docile, Cute White Eggs, Come in Many Amazing Colors.
    Cons - Head Feathers Get Tattered Easily, MOUTHY, Fairly Blind Due to large Crests, Suceptible to Head Injury.
    I purchased my first Polish for $5 at a feed store. She was an accidental addition, as the brooder contained Leghorns and Cornish Cross chicks. The store owners thought she was a Leghorn who had a brain tumor and said, "You can have her, but no refunds if she dies."

    Little did THEY know I knew bettter. I could tell from the start, POLIIISHHHH

    And so my addiction began.

    Unfortunately at 4 months old, the chick, who I had named Dori, passed away due to a head injury. She had tried to fight my top hen and very apperently took a beating.

    However this did not deter me from loving the breed. They were so curious, and docile and all around beautiful.

    A few months later I was given 3 roosters, Buff Laced cockerels who I named after rock stars. Benetar, Bowie, and Mercury.

    About a month after that, I was contacted by another chickener who couldn't keep her birds due to an HOA, and I was given yet anoth Polish, this time a buff laced bearded female.

    I seem to be hoarding them, but no shame.

    These birds are beautiful, docile, curious, and a hoot to watch runn around the yard.
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  10. AmandaKyle
    "Not Cold Hardy"
    Pros - Very sweet, animated, pretty.
    Cons - Not cold hardy, flighty, low in pecking order in mixed flock
    I have had a number of Polish over the past three years and I can definitively say I will never get another one. I have a medium sized (25) mixed flock and the Polish were constantly being picked on. I had two Polish frizzles whose heads were picked clean by the other birds. When the winter came, they were just not hardy enough to withstand the New England cold, although all of my heavier breeds (Marans, Orpingtons, EE's) have had no problem with the cold.

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