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  1. lily7grace92
    "Annoying but cute"
    Pros - The absolute cutest
    Good egg laying ability
    Endless entertainment
    A great way to add diversity to a flock
    Cons - Flighty
    Can't see well
    Have a tendency to lay anywhere but the nesting box
    They bother the other hens (no personal space)
    Extremely LOUD
    My personal experience with Polish hens:

    The good- They have a great temperament when played with as baby chicks. We have one that loves to be picked up and will fall asleep in your arms. They are surprisingly good layers. We have had ours lay almost every day for close to 6 months through the winter even! (we do not use supplemental lighting at all either) They are so funny to watch and we have the greatest time just watching them around the yard. In all they are a good chicken to have especially if your looking for some fun poof heads to laugh at.
    The bad- They DESTROY nesting boxes (kick ALL the hay, shavings whatever right out) and then they don't even lay in them! They can also be extremely flighty because they really can't see that good. It can be a pain the trim and keep their head feathers clean and keep them from icing up in the wintertime. One of our hens is probably louder than the rooster and voices her opinion a lot.
    I really like my polish hens, but 3 is plenty and I probably wouldn't get more unless something happened to them.
    Below is my buff laced bearded polish hen- Mrs. Santa Claus
    Phone pictures 037.JPG
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  2. MysticPoultry101
    "They were awesome, But they didn't last long"
    Pros - Cute
    They were able to be whistle trained
    Cons - Foxes got them easily
    Got lost
    I had 4 polish Hens. Gidget, Panda, Gibi, And Sleepy. We bought them from tsc, Sleepy died days later from being sick, Gidget got eaten by a fox, Gibi was eaten by a fox, and Panda got lost. :hit

    They were great though, i could pick them up, I had them whistle trained, And rhey always followed me EVERYWHERE!:love
  3. Joyze172
    "Silver laced polish cockerel"
    Pros - Adorable chicks, docile, treats all his hens like queens, calming, hilarious.
    Cons - Crest care, flighty, anxious at times, fragile as chicks.
    I acquired a silver laced polish cockerel from the feed store while obtaining my spring meat birds and layer additions. They are fragile chicks and someone ordered one but they ship two just incase one doesn’t survive shipping. They both lived so he was a lone chick, so cute and adorable with a tuff on his head.

    Pros: cute chicks, loved to jump up and sit on our lap in the backyard around the fire, as a rooster we can pick him up and he will fall asleep in your arms, he will find food and pick it off to feed the hens, though he has a big crest he keeps a good eye out for hawks and predators. He frequently makes a purring sound to calm the hens if they get anxious and at bed time. Seems to be winter hearty as we get -20 below at night and to date he is healthy.

    Cons: he is a rooster and while hens are great around kids I don’t trust him, instead of an attack he pecks your feet to say get away from his hens, it is hilarious when he does this and I touch his crest he screams like a person and leaps around. As chicks they can’t handle srtress like other breeds, when picking him up he gets flighty or if startled, if he is separated from his flock he gets crazy, anxious and nuts. Running into stuff, higher probably of injury, pacing, unrational chicken behavior. In winter when he drinks out of an open dish his crest get wet and freezes into a head icicle so some give them a “hair trim” or tye in a bunch so he doesn’t get frostbite or use water nipples.

    Over all we love out cockerel and he is top dog in his flock. The hens preen his crest at evening roost. He provides entertainment due to his nature for us year round.
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    May 2017
  4. Wendy Case
    "A beautiful fowl!"

    Would love to add a Polish or two to my coop. Not sure if that would be a good thing though if they can't see too well through their 'headgear'.
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  5. Butterscotchbitesfinger
    "Gorgeous birds"
    Pros - They are always energetic
    They bounce around a lot
    They are cute
    Easy to catch
    Cons - They are a bit flighty
    They can be pecked a bit because they walk into everything and can’t see properly
    i absolutely love this bird she is two years old adopted the other day my poor girl had a blind eye so that adds to her flightyness
    The polish breed are sweet cause they are funny with their large poofs on there heads
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  6. ChickenGirl555
    "Sweet, hilarious birds!"
    Pros - Friendly, Beautiful, Curious, Funny to watch.
    Cons - Timid around other breeds, Noisy Roosters.
    I absolutely love my Polish pullet and two polish cockerels! Now this is different for every flock, but mine don't have problems with the others pecking their crests. My cockerels will actually lay down and when the hens come to them, the hens just pick gently as if to groom them. But they are gorgeous, completely lovable, and the sweetest of my flock. My pullet, Elvira, comes to me whenever the others pick on her (She's oddly small). Now I didn't put it in the cons, but Elvira enjoys

    One con is just that when integrating my three polish, they didn't try to make friends or integrate as others have. But eventually, they got along and now have been living together for months. My other con is not actually a big problem for me but I thought I should mention that my cockerels are quite noisy. I'm not sure if it's because I have more than one, but like I said this isn't a problem for me but others should be aware.

    I hope you get some polish soon!
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    About $4
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  7. WickedChicksNH
    "Lovely and sweet"
    Pros - Sweet, docile, and beautiful
    My first experience with a White crested black polish has been nothing but joy.
    This little chicken/roo will bring a lot of smiles to your face.

    They are friendly and enjoy being talked to, One of my grandson's picked her up and and she fell right to sleep in his arms, enjoys being spoiled with love.

    If you are like me you do feel a little bad that they cannot see as well with all that fabulous hair, she always checks out my feet when I come in the run to either feed them or hang out, she knows my toes and realized I am not a threat and that it is me as I always start talking to them when I am on my way to the coop/pen.
    She will perch on my shoulder and head as high up she can see thing better below her.

    When treats are given she usually is the last to figure out they are there but figures it out when everyone else is running (usually the ducks) to the treat plate.

    I have put her hair up so she can see and she very much enjoys this she looks at everything like it is brand new. she will spend the longest time just viewing everything. She also get a little more brave.

    There is no aggression I have seen in this breed. They would be a wonderful addition to any flock for eye candy and a sweet chicken companion.

    you do have to make sure they are not under your feet when you walk as they like to be close and cannot see you stepping they are quick so if you are not paying attention you might step on them.

    other thing one would need to watch out for is other chickens or other birds you have might think their hair is something they can peck at breed2.jpg izzy3.jpg izzy69.jpg supermodel.jpg
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    April 2018
  8. jennajolynne
    "So funny to watch in the backyard!"
    Pros - Hilarious to watch as their "hair" blows in the breeze.
    Decent Egg Layers.
    Good foragers despite their visual impairment.
    Cons - Easily Bullied.
    A bit flighty.
    I added more polish to my flock this year simply for my entertainment. They are pets and it is just a bonus that they "pay rent". I love to watch their tophats blow in the breeze and when they are wet it's even funnier looking. Mine are awesome foragers and they are always first to come running when I have treats. Due to their smaller size they are quick!
  9. Holew-L
    Pros - Cool to look at, different colors, from my experience they lay VERY well, docile
    Cons - Roosters are aggressive, sight problems (feathers in the way)
    I’ve had many polish chickens. From my experience the roosters have all been aggressive and attacked me (except for my only bantam). They come in many colors so there is different kinds to grab your eye. They are docile and easy to pick up.
  10. Christinecam
    "Very fun and loving, can be a bit flightly."

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