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  1. Clairenh
    "Easy to install, works great"
    Pros - Easy to install, well built, no connection to power needed.
    Cons - Not an issue for us, but if you coop is out in exposed weather I guess ice and snow could freeze to prevent the door opening, but that would happen with any door.
    Shipped fast and it is sturdy and well made. I installed it in about an hour, including reconfiguring the vertical sliding door opening the coop came with. Connecting the battery and solar panel are a breeze. The first night the girls didn't go in on time, I think because they were wary of the new "thing" on their house. I unscrewed the panel and flipped the switch to delay the closing to 30 minutes after sunset, and they have been inside on time since.

    We've had it about two weeks. I'll review again after more time.
  2. Bhubbard
    "Best purchase yet"
    Pros - Automatic with photo sensor to open at daylight and dark.
    Cons - Nothing
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  3. DiscoverwithDave
    "One of the Safest automatic Chicken doors"
    Pros - Opens like a regular door right to left or left to right. Sturdy materials, comes mostly assembled, easy to install. Simple to program.
    Cons - none yet.
    After I lost a chicken to the guillotine style doors that come down, I did some serious research and I believe I found one of the best automatic Chicken doors on the market (Pullet Shut). I love they way it opens and closes, I love the safety feature that will stop if hits chicken and the second chance feature. It was so easy to install and program. Actually you can watch my installation video I did at Discover with Dave YouTube Channel.

    I got the door with the solar panel and the battery. It was nice because the power went out recently, but no worries with the charged battery.

    I also made a short ad promo for door.

    The two guys that started the company seem very nice. Like talking to family.
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    October 2018
  4. Lnoo
    "Two years and still going strong"
    Pros - Consitantly opens and closes using the solar panel as energy source. So convenient and easy to use.
    Cons - problem with the light sensor, opening in the middle of the night.
    I highly recommend this door. The programmable option with magnet works great and is easy to reset when the light begins to change. I've used this door for over two years without any problems other than the light sensor option, that was opening from some other sources of light in the night (possibly car lights). Great customer care as well.
  5. dogwood8
    "pullet shut door"
    cant find one to buy were is the link to buy one
  6. msyfoopoo
    "Great Product."
    Pros - Easy to install. Great features. Operation flawless. Get Light Sensor.
    Cons - None
    Love this automatic door. Was VERY easy to install. Love the light sensor; worth extra money to get this feature. Mine is battery operated with the light sensor, and in a year and a half, it has not failed to work. My coop wasn't very tall, so the swinging door style was the best for my coop. The magnetic door opener also works well when I need to open or close the door anytime during the day or night; it doesn't effect the cycle of the door's operation at all. If you go this route, you won't be disappointed. Chooks are out at the crack of dawn, and safely put away at dusk. I have a flock of 8 hens in a urban setting.
  7. jquinby
    "Excellent product"
    Pros - Easy to install, works exactly as described
    Installed the door (including the solar cell, photosensor, and cleaning up all the wire runs in the coop) in about an hour. Cut the hole, bolt it into place and connect everything. It really is that simple. To cut the hole in the side of our coop, I traced the opening, drilled some large holes at each inside corner, and then used a jigsaw to cut along the lines and "connect the holes." I mounted the solar cell on a south-facing wall which will get full day's worth of sun.

    The chickens won't be in the new coop for another couple of months but I still get a kick out of seeing the door open every morning. The only thing I've run into was the door freezing shut in a recent snow/ice storm. I went out in the morning to see and it was still closed thanks to all the ice. I thawed everything out with some hot water and used the little magnet (included with the kit) to manually open and close the door a few times and it worked just fine. I will probably install a small awning or roof over the door to keep out as much rain and ice as I can before next winter.
  8. grannyhowie
    "Worth every penney"
    Pros - Works just like it says it will.
    Cons - none
    I no longer have to rush home in the evening or in the am ( I work nights) to open and shut the coop door. It works great. I installed it myself and had no problems except for the chickens wanting to help, they sure are nosey. The video on youtube was very helpful because I am a more visual person. Sometimes written instructions confuse me and even a child could understand how to do everything by watching the video. So far no problems and have had it about 6 months. I recommend this product highly.
  9. ChickInDelight
    "Works great!"
    Pros - Easy to install. Can use solar power. Works with sensor for sunrise and sunset. Great customer support. Can open/shut without change to programming.
    Cons - None.
    Mine is set to sunrise / sunset. I might like to have it open a bit later and close a bit earlier; however, I don't want to program it.

    Installs easy. Easy to use. Predator-proof. Attractive. What's not to love?
  10. ronmauldin
    "Best auto door on the market"
    Pros - Well made. Easy to install. Doesn't require alot of overhead clearance. Direct drive, no lines or belts to break.
    Cons - A little pricey, but they all are.
    Have been using for several months now. Zero issues/complaints. Have setup with battery backup, trickle charger and photocell for automatic operation at sunrise/sunset.

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