Ware Premium+ Backyard Hutch

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Pros: Easy to put together, Very sturdy.
Cons: Small, cage gaps are wide, no bottom (which could be a plus too)
I bought this 3 years ago to keep ducklings in during the day when I wasn't watching them. It was perfect for that, and used in a place where I didn't have to worry about them being snatched by predators. Other uses have been to keep an injured duck separated from the others inside the pen, and it would be great for a hen with chicks for that purpose as well. Current use is daily, when I let out my two RIR hens. I think maybe one more would be tight, but maybe nice for 3 bantams for this purpose. Unless you were using this inside another structure that was predator proof, I can't see this as an overnight coop, but as a day tractor, it's great.
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If you don't have many tools or any carpentry skills, or saws or anything like that, it's really not expensive. I believe I even got this on sale.
I have one of these and it isn't bad for when I need to temporarily separate a bird or a pair of bantams, such as for breeding, brooding, or isolation that doesn't require quarantine. I use it inside my very large run. I would not use it overnight in an area that is not predator proofed.

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