Waterer Base 1Quart Quail Base

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  1. Incukahlan
    "Supposed to prevent drowning- didn't"
    Pros - Fits on all of the standard containers for waterers and feeders, easy to clean, threads on nice and tight
    Cons - apparently not small enough for quail
    So, my loving and thoughtful husband knew I was trying to figure out a way for my suicidal quail hatchlings to drink water without drowning themselves. The next time he went to our local feed store for pig and chicken feed he asked them if they had any such thing as a "quail waterer", and here this item appeared. Never heard of such a thing. Seems genius due to it's small size, and narrow sides. But, apparently my quail are too "smart" to be fooled by such a thing and dove right in. We lost one baby unfortunately, and had 7 others completely soaked. I now fill the bottom of this with marbles, like any other dish for quail and take it out most nights, just to be sure there are no accidents. Overall, great concept/idea, just needs to be more shallow in my opinion because if the little ones do fall in they get stuck due to the high sides and narrow walls. Adding marbles to the bottom, as usual helps. But then it makes it just like every other water dish we make for quails, lol, just holds more water I suppose.

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  1. spurrer
    the nipples that I use are the ones with the little cups and the nipple. when the chickens peck the cup fills up with water.
  2. Incukahlan
    This is something that I've been wanting to implement out in my actual coop. (Giant shed converted) Not sure if quail could use it, but it's worth looking into, thanks for reminding me about that! We are in Phoenix, so it's screaming hot here as well. That's brilliant with the frozen milk jug.
  3. spurrer
    have you tried the chicken nipples fastened in a gallon or more bucket? My chickens drink from it and they can't get in it. They just get sips at a time. I don't know if quails would drink from it or not. Might as others on here. I love this water system. Every morning I place a milk jug full of frozen water in it and they have cold water all day. It is very hot here.

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