Welsh Harlequin

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  1. Fisherlmiranda
    "Beautiful, Sweet tempered"
    Pros - Laying an egg every day, don't eat alot of feed, great forager, broody, calm
    Cons - Drakes seem to get territorial
    Absolutely love my two pair! They don't seem to need alot of feed because they forage so well, and they lay lots of eggs. They are calm and quiet.
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    $50 for 4 adults
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  2. honanbm
    "Beautiful Calm Birds"
    Pros - gorgeous, calm, quiet, sweet, good layers, friendly
  3. Double The Ducks
    "A loving, friendly breed"
    Pros - Loving, friendly with strangers, get along with other breeds, very calm
    Cons - Will peep when you're not there
    IMG_6171.JPG I love my two Welshies. They follow me and cuddle up with me, and they get along well with my Khaki Campbell and Indian Runner. According to Metzer Farms, Welsh Harlequins are the calmest bird on their farm - and they raise many different breeds of ducks, geese, chickens, pearl guineas, and quails. The only downside is that they will get attached and peep when you're not there, but mine have actually learned not to peep when my boyfriend and I are asleep. All in all, this is a great breed for beginners and pros alike.
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  4. BrokenPaddle
    "Docile laying machines"
    Pros - calm disposition and heavy layers
    We've had Welsh Harlequin for 10 years now and have tried other breeds before and during this period. None has compared with the overall calm disposition and heavy laying combination of our Welsh Harlequin. From time to time I take fancy to a different breed but have never completely replaced my WH, and good thing since I always go back to the mainstay great layers.
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  5. GoldenFlight
    "Sweet Heart"
    Pros - Tame, beautiful, good layer, and adorable personality!
    Cons - Of course not!
    We got our Welsh Harlequin hen (Lucy) last summer. Lucy is so sweet and very loving to both people and to the other ducks. She has been a very good layer and lays beautiful big eggs!

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  6. BantyChooks
    "Wonderful Ducks"
    Pros - Gentle, pretty, good size, amazing layers.
    Cons - Nothing, honestly.
    I've owned a few Welsh Harlequins over about a year and a half. They continue to impress me with their sweet temperaments and absolutely stunning colouring. Another plus is their laying ability---one of my females rivaled my sexlink chooks in rate of lay, giving me one egg almost every day until I had to euthanize her prematurely due to a predator. Every flock should have a welshie or two in it.
  7. Banjosan
    "A good all purpose duck"
    Pros - Calm, quiet, winter hardy, good for meat and eggs, make good mothers
    Cons - The drakes are randy but that's a drake for you!
    I have kept Welsh Harlequins for over 5 years. I love the coloring and it changes slightly depending on the season or the age of the bird. Like all waterfowl ducks can be flighty but these birds are as calm as they come. I expect one could tame them as a pet if one had the inclination.
  8. Adorkable
    "Awesome ducks"
    Pros - Quiet, friendly, good layers, pretty to look at, calm, gentle
    Cons - None that I know of!
    I have some Welsh Harlequins that I ordered from Metzer farms and they are very calm and quiet. Some of mine have been shy and others extremely friendly and always come running when they see me and they greet me with soft gentle squeaky sounds... I can't explain the sound too well but it's a very soft sweet sound. I love these ducks their temperament is wonderful and even my one drake is very respectful of me and keeps his distance. He never gets too close to me and won't eat from my hand unlike the girls which makes me have a lot of respect and love for him because I feel totally and completely safe and not threatened at all whenever I go in the duck pen. This will be my first spring with them as adult ducks so I am hoping my drake doesn't change too much but I am prepared for anything.

    I am definitely in love with this breed of ducks and am going to be hatching a few eggs in my incubator very soon so that I can have a few more of these sweeties. The girls do lay well. They have been laying throughout the winter. The egg size I am getting is about the size of a Large chicken egg? Maybe even a bit larger. I don't particularly like the taste of duck eggs so I don't eat them the way I eat chicken eggs, but I do use them in baking and they make an amazing french toast and delicious homemade pancakes! The ducks are not quite as large as my Cayuga duck and defintely smaller than my Pekin girl. They are a light breed of duck but I would say they are definitely not too small to eat either if you are looking for a dual purpose duck. On top of all this I find them to be beautiful animals. I really like the contrast of a dark bill and dark legs on a lighter colored duck. If you are considering Welshies as a layer, dual purpose duck, or even just for backyard pets, I think you will be pleased with them and I do highly recommend them.

    I had 2 gold phase girls and 2 silver phase. These are the gold girls.


  9. Free Feather
    "Painted Ducks."
    Pros - Beautiful
    Cons - None.
    I have two drakes, Lamorak and Amorok, and three hens, Lucia, Gillis, and Caillean. They are very pretty and some of my quieter ducks. The two drakes are inseparable. The females and males both get beautiful markings that look like they have been painted on. I have yet to get eggs, but they are still young.
  10. cogoose
    "Laughing men in my backyard"
    Pros - Lots of eggs, great temperaments, funny, knowing, smart, habit-forming
    Cons - none that I know of
    My adults are one year old October 2014; they came from Mtzer. Their babies are only 3 months old.
    My male speaks in a whisper. The females are a riot; they sound like a bunch of old men laughing in my backyard.
    I can't help but laugh along with them. [​IMG]

    Lots of eggs this year. I read somewhere that I could be hard on a duck to lay so many eggs each year, so I let her go broody. This allows the female duck to rest from laying. She had 8 eggs. Some were males. One egg was squashed with the bird inside (gasp), and one was booted out, chirping, because she was one week late. I managed to help her hatch. (wonderful)

    I now have 1 male, 3 females, and a craigslist crested duck-- along with the 2 geese I have had since 2012. I've placed another order through Holderread for the spring. I can't wait. I wish I had a farm (hence: backyard ducks)


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