1. ThatChickenLady708

    Bachelor's Coop

    I have 3 bantam roos in their own coop. They've been there for a few months (previously separated from my 11 other chickens) & been doing fine. I hand feed them treats & even a slice of pizza now & then. lol However, lately there is one that has gotten aggressive towards me. Keep in mind, these...
  2. jk116

    Flock agression

    Hello- I’ve had backyard chickens going on about 8 years now. I’ve got 3 different ages in my flock but the last integration I did was about 2 or 3 years ago so nothing has really changed with my girls. Recently I had an australorpe go into molt and one day I noticed that the back of her head...
  3. luckysamara199

    Why is my rooster bitting my hens!?

    hi first id like to start by thank you for reading this and responding my question. So I have a 4 and half month old rooster. He is polish rooster I noticed he started bitting my hens heads and backs. They are also polish hens. Does anyone know why this is happening or how can I stop it? He...
  4. Bigbluefrog

    Rooster charging at me

    I have a one year old Buff Orpington. He has charged at me two times. Both times I was wearing red or pink. And both times a hen was squaking- in distress. It is our first rooster. We got him at 6 months. I was not able to hold him much as he was not hand raised. Someone said to hold the...
  5. W

    Adding new chickens plus transporting them to our home

    Hello everyone! 🐥 We currently have four sweet Bielefelder hens that we’ve raised since chicks. We have offered to adopt three Red Sex Link hens (these ones are Rhode Island Red / White Leghorn) from a friend who has too many eggs to manage. They are healthy, about 1.5 years old, which I know is...
  6. H

    comb pecking!

    I have a little flock of four pekin bantam hens. It’s coming up to a year we’ve had them. They have scraps, of course, and one of them (Belinda) is clearly at the bottom of the pecking order. Belinda was looking very sleepy this morning and had an upset tummy mess in her trousers so we brought...
  7. Backyard Dacks

    Rooster Admitting Defeat?

    Is it normal that upon being caught, realizing the game is over, and obediently sitting down a rooster will cause the feathers on the back of his neck to stick out? What does he mean by that- is it a sign of surrender?
  8. Sussexandwhiterocks

    Rooster keeps biting my hens. 4 month old Bantam black frizzle Cochin.

    Hello, I have a 4 month old bantam frizzle Cochin rooster mixed with my flock of 11 4-5 month old chickens and one other rooster that is extremely docile (standard breed size). Now the bantam bites the hens in the neck and tail area. My mother in law wants me to get rid of it but they’re my...
  9. K

    Duckling aggression

    I’ve got 4 mallard ducklings and they are 3 weeks old now. One of them recently has started biting the other three. She bites them almost every time they get near her and the others always scream and run away. It’s gotten to the point where the three non-aggressive ones don’t want to be in the...
  10. TurnipGod

    My pigeon is aggressive and I want to fix this problem

    Unsexed homing pigeon. Over a year old. It used to slap me but now it bites. Not pecking but biting. He will usually do this when he's in the same room as his cage. He sleeps in the cage at night and has food and water, other than that he gets a whole bedroom. I try to hand feed him but he...
  11. E

    Pinless Peepers and Guinea Fowl

    My guinea fowl are being absolute bumholes and harassing my chickens. I’m looking into pinless peepers and bumpa bits as a last resort before I might have to rehome them to a guinea flock. I asked for females but pretty sure I got given 4 males, never seen an egg the whole time I’ve had them...
  12. K

    Help! Hard Biting!!

    I have two beautiful turkeys, around 8-10 weeks old. My white one was super friendly, never bit and my little black one did bite. I can’t tell if they are being aggressive or just turkeys. I would post the video of how the white one is biting but the platform only does pictures. The white one...
  13. R

    Larger duck attacking mallards

    Hello! First time posting on here :) I have a garden with a pond and for several months there have been a couple of mallards (male and female) spending the majority of their time here. They're very sweet and we have no problem with them being here, I even bought some duck food to occasionally...
  14. sarah4hchickens

    Aggressive rooster

    I was wondering what you guys thinking on dealing with aggressive roosters? I have three 15 week old Anconas that are in a large pen by themselves, with no pullets. They aren’t aggressive to me but I tried putting my 15 week old Cochin pullet with them for a minute and they pecked are her and I...
  15. luckyduck956

    Preventing Aggression

    Is it possible to train or prevent a duck from becoming aggressive? Last night my two week old duckling was pecking at me in a very aggressive way. They normally will nibble on me as they would on each other, but last night it was more aggressive than it usually is. She/He was really grabbing...
  16. kristeninprogress

    Broody-ish Hen

    I have a 7 month Buff Orpington that started laying a little over a month ago. Recently (about two weeks now), she's been aggressive while on the nest. She'll make this awful warning noise if I open up the door, she'll puff up, and she's pecked me hard enough to draw blood the past two days. I...
  17. K

    Hen keeps attacking us.. Help!

    Hi friends! I have a little trio of hens (used to be four, but sadly we lost our sweet Aunt Jemimah). They're all 8 months old and we raised them together from day 1.. Spent lots of time handling them and hanging out with them... 3 (now 2) of them are very social, but for some reason the 4th...
  18. ChocolateWingTheRooster

    Cockerel Keeps Attacking Me!

    I love him, but today he poofed up, pecked and flew at me! Usually I can just hold him like a cat, but he was just being a jerk today! Anyone know how to calm him down?
  19. FathertoFeathers

    Are muscovy males aggressive?

    I have four other ducks and was thinking about getting some Muscovy Ducks. I know that the breed is pretty popular but I just wanted to know if the males are aggressive. I have a dog who tries to get the ducks sometimes and ive had them die from trying to protect the flock and being too...
  20. Buff-Blondie

    Rooster Gone Sour

    Hello. I'm new here. I work on a historic farm that is open to the public and help take care of 30+ chickens (we got some new babies and more on the way). One of the roosters, who my friend named Clux, has recently lost his dominance. Over the summer, he used to have a ton of hens following him...
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